Azure Managed Disks and large Virtual Machine scale sets

Now available This is now generally available.

Date Updated: Monday, May 15, 2017

Azure Managed Disks will soon be generally available. This new capability will make managing your Virtual Machine disks much simpler. You'll specify only the desired disk type (Standard or Premium) and disk size, and Azure will create and manage it for you.


In addition, Managed Disks will come with enhanced virtual machine scale set capabilities, such as being able to define scale sets with attached data drives. You'll be able to create a scale set with up to 1,000 Virtual Machines—a 10× increase—from an Azure Marketplace image, and 100 Virtual Machines from a custom image.


You'll be able to migrate an existing Virtual Machine created via the Azure Resource Manager deployment model to a Virtual Machine with managed disks, with just a single reboot. No need to worry about reconfiguring networking or security rules to start using this new capability.


Get started by programmatically creating a Virtual Machine with Managed Disks by using Azure PowerShell, the Azure command-line interface, or Azure management libraries for Java and .NET.


This service will soon be available in most Azure regions. Learn more about Managed Disks by reading our blog post.


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