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App Migration Toolkit: Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure

Turn app migration from a priority into a reality with the App Migration Toolkit: Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure. See what you gain from cloud migration, build your business case, evaluate your environment, and prepare your team with the necessary skills. 

In the toolkit, find resources to motivate and guide your migration journey from start to finish, including: 

  • Best practices and key success factors for modernizing your web apps.
  • Free, powerful tools to prepare your web apps and data for migration.
  • Ways to get help and expert assistance with your migration.
  • Inspiring—and instructive—stories of others who have benefitted from migration. 

Optimize costs as business priorities shift, scale with managed services and high security, and focus on features instead of infrastructure by migrating to Azure—the cloud built for creating, managing, and optimizing ASP.NET sites. 

Four Ways to Maximize Your Business Intelligence Investments

Get real-world insights and drive more value from your business intelligence investments with a scalable and secure analytics solution that empowers everyone in your organization to achieve faster insights.

Read the complimentary e-book Four Ways to Maximize Your Business Intelligence Investments to explore how four successful companies enabled corporate innovation by migrating data to the cloud. Discover how unifying data onto a single cloud-based platform improved data access and analytics, and learn how giving workers real-time access to self-service data analytics empowered them to make data-driven decisions.

Get insights to help you:

  • Drive down costs by spending less time managing infrastructure and siloed projects—and more time optimizing processes and creating positive change.
  • Create business value with advanced analytics and predictive models that drive new opportunities.
  • Accelerate time-to-insight for better understanding of your operations and customers as you navigate the new realities of business.

Take the next step in your transformation with an analytics solution that delivers breakthrough performance, security, and speed. 

Three Ways Analytics Can Help: Respond, Adapt, and Save

Analytics and AI are essential for helping businesses make informed decisions, especially as needs and priorities change rapidly. Learn how to securely manage and scale your organization’s analytics with speed and simplicity—and how to use insights to give your organization a distinct advantage when it comes to decision making.

Read Three Ways Analytics Can Help: Respond, Adapt, and Save to discover how to quickly deliver insights from all your data more efficiently with a limitless analytics service that brings together data warehousing and big data analytics. 

Learn how to:

  • Use BI and AI capabilities in Azure Synapse to access enhanced reporting and dashboard functionality. 
  • Make data accessible and deliver critical insights to more people across your organization—including data engineers, data scientists, IT professionals, business analysts, and executives.
  • Safeguard your data with advanced security and privacy features.

Maximize Your Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Investments

Investing in analytics tools—such as Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik—is a transformative beginning. How you amplify your analytics investment will set the course of your business for years to come. 

In Maximize Your Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik investments, you’ll discover how to:

  • Get deeper insights faster.
  • Share insights and data globally.
  • Have security as your baseline. 

As your practice grows, you’ll need a provider that delivers breakthrough performance, security, and speed.

A business transformation playbook for the commercial marketplace

Learn how Microsoft has helped its ecosystem capitalize on recent paradigm shifts by providing partners with effective mechanisms to generate positive business outcomes. 

Why Azure for technology partners e-book

Find out how Microsoft Azure helps app builders drive robust demand for their apps and services by opening the door to one of the largest business customer bases in the world.   

Acquire more customers with the reach of Microsoft e-book

Find out how to acquire more customers with the reach of Microsoft and learn how Azure Marketplace connects you to millions of customers. 

Low-Code Application Development with Microsoft Power Apps and Azure

Build production-ready apps faster with a low-code environment. Quickly stand up your applications with Power Apps—and get more time to apply your technical expertise to extending and optimizing those apps in Azure. 

Read this e-book to learn how low-code application development can help you:

  • Spend less time on basic components, like tracking issues, embedding apps, and supporting multiple devices and distribution channels.
  • Access hundreds of prebuilt services available with the Azure platform. 
  • Easily incorporate Azure services into your apps—since they all come with consistent, well-documented APIs.
  • Eliminate the need to test and version within Azure services—because Azure services are developed and maintained by Microsoft.

Get started quickly on analytics with best practices and in-depth guidance

Find new ways to ensure you can achieve a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics. Download the Analytics Best Practices Collection and get four resources that offer in-depth guidance and proven best practices to help you to launch—and optimize—your analytics program.

These valuable resources include:

  • The Scientist, the Engineer, and the Warehouse: Learn how to build the right team for data analytics in the age of the cloud.
  • Azure Synapse Toolkit: Get step-by-step information on how to launch your first workspace in Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Create an engine for business changing insights: Share the need for a robust analytics platform with your peers and stakeholders.
  • Quickly get started with samples in Azure Synapse Analytics: Find all the information to kick off your first analytics project with Azure Synapse.

6 tips to integrate security into your DevOps practices

DevOps proven practices illustrate how collaboration between developer and operations teams leads to faster software delivery. Now, the issue facing digital leaders is the security and compliancy of their code, workflows, and infrastructure. The logical next step: integrate your security team with the existing DevOps team—breaking down another organizational silo.

Download the Microsoft and Sogeti eBook "6 tips to integrate security into your DevOps practices" to learn how to: 

  • Develop a security-first company culture to drive DevSecOps adoption
  • Proactively secure your code, workflows, infrastructure, and software supply chain against vulnerabilities 
  • Provide your teams with shared tooling and best practices to enable end-to-end visibility and traceability
  • Leverage improved insights and policy automation to realize continuous compliancy