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Azure Defenses for Ransomware Attack

Ransomware and extortion are a high profit, low-cost business which has a debilitating impact on targeted organizations, national security, economic security, and public health and safety. What started as simple single-PC ransomware has grown to include a variety of extortion techniques directed at all types of corporate networks and cloud platforms.

To ensure customers running on Azure are protected against ransomware attacks, Microsoft has invested heavily on the security of our cloud platforms and has provided you the security controls you need to protect your Azure cloud workloads.

By leveraging Azure native ransomware protections and implementing the best practices recommended in this eBook, you are taking measures that ensures your organization is optimally positioned to prevent, protect and detect potential ransomware attacks on your Azure assets.  

This eBook lays out key Azure native capabilities and defenses for ransomware attacks and guidance on how to proactively leverage these to protect your assets on Azure cloud.

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Security Fundamentals

Find out how to secure your Azure Virtual Desktop environment when migrating your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to Azure. Read this security handbook to get technical hands-on guidance on how to help protect your apps and data in your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment.

Download the handbook to: 

  • Familiarize yourself with Azure Virtual Desktop architecture.
  • Understand which Microsoft tools and Azure security services are automatically configured and which are your responsibility.
  • Implement appropriate security measures for your organization’s data, apps, user identities, session hosts, and network access.
  • Learn best practices for using Azure Security Center and improving your Azure Secure Score. 

Azure Synapse for the SQL Server Professional

SQL Server has been around for a long time and is used to unlock data insights for organizations all over the world. For many IT professionals, SQL Server is at the core of their career in analytics, and they look to build upon their experience as their organization modernizes to the cloud.

Read the complimentary e-book Azure Synapse for the SQL Server Professional to learn how you can extend your existing SQL Server skillsets into Azure Synapse Analytics. Discover how to create business value and accelerate time-to-insight on a unified cloud-scale analytics platform. 

Learn how to augment your SQL Server experience with Azure Synapse by:

  • Building code-free ETL/ELT processes for data integration
  • Exploring and experimenting with big data on your data lake
  • Creating self-service business intelligence from mission-critical data warehousing workloads

Modern Industrial IoT Analytics on Azure

Customers leverage Azure Databricks for Industrial IoT Analytics

Follow seven steps to seamlessly migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop

Enable a secure, remote desktop experience that’s cost-effective, simple to deploy, and easy to manage. Migrate your on-premises Remote Desktop Services infrastructure to Azure Virtual Desktop with step-by-step guidance and resources. 

Download 7 Migration Steps to Azure Virtual Desktop to learn how to:

  • Define the best and most cost-efficient migration plan and put it into action with Azure Migrate.
  • Migrate to production seamlessly and get users up and running quickly. 
  • Access additional resources and support options to help you successfully deploy your Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

Azure Virtual Desktop Migration Guide for Remote Desktop Services

Simplify infrastructure management, improve security, and reduce costs by migrating your Remote Desktop Services environment to Azure Virtual Desktop. Explore the benefits of moving your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to the cloud and learn how to migrate in seven steps.  

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Spend less time maintaining your infrastructure by using a VDI managed service.
  • Take advantage of integrated end-to-end security for users, apps, and data. 
  • Optimize costs by using your existing licenses and paying only for what you use.  
  • Migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop with step-by-step guidance.

Bringing the Power of Hyperscale to Operator-Enabled Private Mobile Networks

 Bringing the Power of Hyperscale to Operator-Enabled Private Mobile Networks 

17 Lessons Learned Migrating SAP to the Cloud

Visualize what your organization’s digital transformation can look like on Azure. Read the e-book, 17 Lessons Learned Migrating SAP to the Cloud, to get new perspectives from Microsoft IT managers who share their real-world experiences moving SAP to the cloud. 

Read the e-book to: 

  • Learn how IT professionals assessed their SAP environment and developed their SAP cloud migration strategies. 
  • Get actionable advice on how to optimize and secure SAP in the cloud. 
  • Discover the cost savings benefits of migrating SAP to Azure and see how to future-proof your SAP investment.

Introduction to Azure Database for PostgreSQL

This paper is for architects, developers, and database administrators who are thinking of building and deploying new cloud apps on PostgreSQL or moving existing PostgreSQL apps to the cloud. It provides an overview of Azure Database for PostgreSQL and the value that it provides as a fully managed, open-source database service, including key use cases and an introduction to common application hosting environments.  It also covers the various deployment options for Azure Database for PostgreSQL and introduces the key  concepts you’ll need to understand to best put each deployment option to use.

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Disaster Recovery

Learn how to strengthen business resilience by developing a disaster recovery strategy for your Azure Virtual Desktops—formerly called Windows Virtual Desktop—in Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Disaster Recovery. With this free handbook, you’ll: 

Get step-by-step guidance to create a disaster recovery strategy for your Azure Virtual Desktop environment to keep users connected during an outage.

  • Learn how to enable business continuity with tools like Azure Site Recovery, FSlogix, Azure NetApp Files, and Cloud Cache.
  • Find recommendations for testing and optimizing your disaster recovery implementation.