A Lap Around Azure’s Open Source Driven Innovation, Part I: Shipping Penguins in the Cloud

Presented by: Boris Baryshnikov, Burzin Patel, David Justice, Jose Miguel Parrella |

The cloud has a lot going on, and open source plays a key role when it comes to cloud innovation. From unikernels to aPaaS, and from DevOps to managed services, open is where things are happening. Join us at //build for a 2-part series on how Azure approaches open source innovation in the cloud Part 1 – Fabric & Applications. Let’s talk about what’s in store for Java and Node.js developers in Azure – from PaaS to SDKs, whether you run in application servers like JBoss, in container platforms like Docker+Mesos or OpenShift or whether you build your own multi-cloud environments with Terraform, Azure and its partners work 24/7 to get you trusted technology stacks with scale and agility. Join us to discover how Azure can help you harness the power of open source innovation today, and start writing your open journey in the cloud.