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Azure Game Developer Virtual Machine Scale Set

Last updated: 7/13/2022

Azure Game Developer Virtual Machine Scale Set includes Licencsed Engines like Unreal.

This Azure Resource Manager template was created by a member of the community and not by Microsoft. Each Resource Manager template is licensed to you under a license agreement by its owner, not Microsoft. Microsoft is not responsible for Resource Manager templates provided and licensed by community members and does not screen for security, compatibility, or performance. Community Resource Manager templates are not supported under any Microsoft support program or service, and are made available AS IS without warranty of any kind.


Parameter Name Description
location Deployment Location
vmssName Name of VMSS Cluster
vmssSku GameDev Sku
vmssImgPublisher GameDev Image Publisher
vmssImgProduct GameDev Image Product Id
vmssImgSku GameDev Image Sku
vmssImgVersion GameDev Image Product Id
vmssOsDiskType GameDev Disk Type
vmssInstanceCount VMSS Instance Count
administratorLogin Administrator Login for access
passwordAdministratorLogin Administrator Password for access
fileShareStorageAccount File Share Storage Account name
fileShareStorageAccountKey File Share Storage Account key
fileShareName File Share name
p4Port Perforce Port address
p4Username Perforce User
p4Password Perforce User password
p4Workspace Perforce Client Workspace
p4Stream Perforce Stream
p4ClientViews Perforce Depot Client View mappings
ibLicenseKey Incredibuild License Key
gdkVersion GDK Version
useVmToSysprepCustomImage Use VM to sysprep an image from
remoteAccessTechnology Remote Access technology
teradiciRegKey Teradici Registration Key
parsecTeamId Parsec Team ID
parsecTeamKey Parsec Team Key
parsecHost Parsec Hostname
parsecUserEmail Parsec User Email
parsecIsGuestAccess Parsec Is Guest Access
vnetName Virtual Network Resource Name
subnetName Virtual Network Subnet Name
networkSecurityGroupName Virtual Network Security Group Name
vnetAddressPrefix Virtual Network Address Prefix
subnetAddressPrefix Virtual Network Subnet Address Prefix

Use the template


New-AzResourceGroup -Name <resource-group-name> -Location <resource-group-location> #use this command when you need to create a new resource group for your deployment
New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -ResourceGroupName <resource-group-name> -TemplateUri
Install and configure Azure PowerShell

Command line

az group create --name <resource-group-name> --location <resource-group-location> #use this command when you need to create a new resource group for your deployment
az group deployment create --resource-group <my-resource-group> --template-uri
Install and Configure the Azure Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface