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Azure Quickstart Templates

Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.

What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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Creates a Container App within a Container App Environment.

Create a Container App Environment with a basic Container App. It also deploys a Log Analytics Workspace to store logs.

jbpaux by Jean-Benoit Paux,
Last updated: 11/11/2021

Create a CDN Profile, a CDN Endpoint and a Web App

This template creates a CDN Profile and a CDN Endpoint with a Web App as the origin

kuangweizhang by Kuangwei(Kevin) Zhang,
Last updated: 11/9/2021

Web App with Managed Identity, SQL Server and ΑΙ

Simple example to deploy Azure infrastructure for app + data + managed identity + monitoring

MarcusFelling by Marcus Felling,
Last updated: 10/11/2021

Web App with VNet Injection and Private Endpoint.

This template allows you to create a secure end to end solution with two web apps, front end and back end, front end will consume securely the back through VNet injection and Private Endpoint

Ericgre by Eric Grenon,
Last updated: 9/29/2021

Deploy an Azure Function Premium plan with vnet integration

This template allows you to deploy an Azure Function Premium plan with regional virtual network integration enabled to a newly created virtual network.

mcollier by Michael S. Collier,
Last updated: 9/21/2021

Create a zero touch Azure Cosmos account and Azure Web App

This template creates an Azure Cosmos account, injects the Cosmos DB endpoint and keys into Azure Web App settings, then deploys an ASP MVC web app from GitHub.

markjbrown by Mark Brown,
Last updated: 9/21/2021

Airflow Web App with PostgreSQL database on App Services

A template for deploying Airflow Web App with PostgreSQL database on App Services

HamzaBoukraa by HamzaBoukraa,
Last updated: 9/20/2021

Create a App Services Managed Certificate

Create Managed Certificate (Free) APEX (root domain) for WebApp

coelho5br by Eduardo Almeida,
Last updated: 9/15/2021

Web App w/ Application Insights sending to Log Analytics

This template will is to help support the new API versions of microsoft.insights/components. Starting with 2020-02-02-preview WorkspaceID will be required when creating Application Inisghts.This template will deploy the App Service Plan, App Service, Application Insights, Log Analytics Workspace and hook it all together.

JFolberth by JFolberth,
Last updated: 8/25/2021

Web App with custom Deployment slots

This template provides an easy way to deploy a web app with custom deployment slots on Azure Web Apps.

SriRamTKS by SriRam SambaSivan,
Last updated: 8/21/2021

Create an AppServicePlan and App in an ASEv3

Create an AppServicePlan and App in an ASEv3

SamLinTW by SamLinTW,
Last updated: 8/10/2021

Azure Function app and an HTTP-triggered function

This example deploys an Azure Function app and an HTTP-triggered function inline in the template. It also deploys a Key Vault and populates a secret with the function app's host key.

johndowns by John Downs,
Last updated: 8/2/2021

Create Function App and private endpoint-secured Storage

This template allows you to deploy an Azure Function App that communicates with Azure Storage over private endpoints.

gabesmsft by gabesmsft,
Last updated: 7/21/2021

Enterprise Governance-AppService, SQL DB, AD, OMS, Runbooks

Cloud adoption for an Enterprise, small or large, require responsible and efficient governance models to derive value from their cloud deployments. CloudWise (a code-name for the solution), is a composite solution available from Azure Partner QuickStarts, is an adoption enabler for Customers, System Integrators and Partners alike, that delivers a self-serviceable, automated governance and operations solution, focused on Optimizing Your Costs, Improve Your Application(s) Reliability, Reducing Business Risk. The solution highlights the core governance pillars of Visibility and Control.

consultguru by Gururaj Pandurangi,
Last updated: 7/17/2021

Alert to text message with Logic app

This template allows you to create a Logic app that has a webhook to be used from an Azure Alert. When the Alert is triggered, it will send you a text message with the details of the alert. It uses the URL shortening service to include a link to the portal to see the resource.

jeffhollan by Jeff Hollan,
Last updated: 7/12/2021

Azure Traffic Manager web app example

This template shows how to create an Azure Traffic Manager profile for an App Service.

Last updated: 7/9/2021

Create an AppServicePlan and App in an ASE

Create an AppServicePlan and App in an ASE

stefsch by Stefan,
Last updated: 7/9/2021

ILB App Service Environment with Azure Firewall

Resource Manager templates and parameters demonstrating how to deploy App Service environment with Azure Firewall integration

jftl6y by John Scott,
Last updated: 7/9/2021

Web App with a Scheduler Job

This template deploys an App Service Plan, creates a Web App in the App Service Plan , creates a scheduler job collection and creates a job inside it. The job is scheduled to run on Weekdays Monday to Friday everyday twice.

zechariahks by zechariahks,
Last updated: 7/9/2021


This template allows you to create an App Service for deploying a ASP.NET app.

leestott by Lee Stott,
Last updated: 7/8/2021

Web App with Azure database for MySQL

This template provides a easy way to deploy web app on Azure App Service Web Apps with Azure database for MySQL.

SunBuild by Sunitha Muthukrishna,
Last updated: 7/7/2021

WebApp GitHub

This template allows you to create an WebApp linked with a GitHub Repository linked.

cephalin by Cephas Lin,
Last updated: 7/6/2021

Create Azure Web app with Blob Storage connection string

Creates an Azure Web app with Blob Storage connection string, Template originally authored by Jeff Bowles of Microsoft

JeffBow by Jeff Bowles,
Last updated: 7/3/2021

Provision a Web App with a SQL Database

This template provisions a Web App, a SQL Database, AutoScale settings, Alert rules, and App Insights. It configures a connection string in the web app for the database.

leestott by Lee Stott,
Last updated: 6/23/2021