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Azure Quickstart Templates

Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.


What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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SonarQube on Windows with Azure SQL Database

Deploy a Windows VM with SonarQube installed and configured against an Azure SQL Database.

rajbos by Rob Bos,
Last updated: 1/5/2019

Deploy a managed Kubernetes Cluster (AKS).

This ARM template demonstrates the deployment of an AKS instance with advanced networking features into an existing virtual network. Additionally, the chosen Service Principal is assigned the Network Contributor role against the subnet that contains the AKS cluster.

holgerjay by holgerj,
Last updated: 12/17/2018

On-demand SFTP Server using an existing storage account

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone by Ben Hummerstone,
Last updated: 11/30/2018

Deploy SQL Always ON setup with existing SQL Virtual Machines

Deploy SQL Always ON setup with existing SQL Virtual Machines. The virtual machines should already be joined to an existing domain and must be running enterprise version of SQL Server.

pratraw by pratraw,
Last updated: 11/16/2018

BOSH Setup

This template helps you setup a development environment where you can deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry.

bingosummer by Bin Xia,
Last updated: 11/15/2018

Create an on-demand SFTP Server with persistent storage

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone by Ben Hummerstone,
Last updated: 11/2/2018

Evidian SafeKit Mirror Cluster

This template deploys a high availability cluster with real-time synchronous replication and failover, between 2 Windows or Linux VMs in 2 availability zones

d6p by d6p,
Last updated: 10/31/2018

Run timer jobs that execute on a schedule using Logic Apps.

This template creates a pair of Logic Apps that allows you to create scheduled timer job instances.

kevinlam1 by Kevin Lam,
Last updated: 10/22/2018

Subnet-driven deployment

This template creates en environment with multiple subnets and the servers (one DC and two members) associated with. If the number of subnets varies, the servers are adjusted automatically. It illustrates several ARM concepts, such as outputs, array as parameters

JF6 by JF6,
Last updated: 10/17/2018

Concourse CI

Concourse is a CI system composed of simple tools and ideas. It can express entire pipelines, integrating with arbitrary resources, or it can be used to execute one-off tasks, either locally or in another CI system. This template can help to prepare neccessary Azure resources to setup such a CI system, and make the setup more simple.

norshtein by Tongyao Si,
Last updated: 10/14/2018

Create new Active Directory forest with optional subdomain

This template creates a new Active Directory forest, with an optional subdomain. You can choose to have either one or two DCs per domain. The network configuration is highly configurable, making it suitable to fit into an existing environment. The VMs use managed disks and have no dependency on storage accounts. As an operating system you can choose between Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows 2016. This template illustrates the use of nested templates, Powershell DSC, and other advanced concepts.

wkasdorp by Willem Kasdorp,
Last updated: 10/4/2018

Use KeyVault with a Dynamic resourceId

This template creates a SQL Server and uses an admin password from Key Vault. The reference parameter for the Key Vault secret is created at deployment time using a nested template. This allows the user to simply pass parameter values to the template rather than create a reference parameter in the parameter file.

bmoore-msft by Brian Moore,
Last updated: 9/12/2018

CI/CD & Containerized App Deploy Docker Enterpise & Jenkins

This quick start launches a stack that allows you to Build, Run & Ship Containerized Applications using Docker Enterprise Edition and CloudBees Jenkins. This integrated stack is ready to use pre production environment.

wmhussain by Mazhar Hussain Warsi,
Last updated: 9/12/2018

MongoDB Sharding Cluster

This template deploys a MongoDB Sharding Cluster on CentOS and enables Zabbix monitoring

251744647 by 251744647,
Last updated: 9/12/2018

Enterprise Risk Analysis-Datameer,HDInsight,TrendMicro,Chef

Enterprises that offer end-user payment transactions have to account for the below considerations: Risk evaluation on business transactions, Infrastructure risk management, Infrastructure configuration management. This Azure Partner QuickStart push to pilot solution launches a business intelligence Hadoop stack demonstrating online transactions risk analysis, provides an automated provisioning, configuration and integration of Datameer and Azure HDInsight, TrendMicro DeepSecurity & Chef Server products ready for staging / preproduction environments.

consultguru by Gururaj Pandurangi,
Last updated: 9/11/2018

Deploy Splunk Enterprise

Deploy Splunk Enterprise as a single instance or a distributed cluster to quickly and easily get started with Splunk in Azure. To deploy on Azure Government, go to the Azure quick start repository via the Browse on GitHub button.

rockygiglio by Rocky Giglio,
Last updated: 9/11/2018

TrendMicro-Chef-Splunk Cloud Security Quickstart

This Quickstart program launches a security at scale solution stack that provides an automated provisioning, configuration and integration of TrendMicro DeepSecurity, Splunk Enterprise & Chef Server products ready for pre production environments.

uday-sg by uday-sg,
Last updated: 9/11/2018

Create a SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster Deployment

This template creates 5 new Azure VMs, each group load balancer and a VNet. It configures a primary and backup AD Domain Controller for a new Forest and Domain, two SQL Servers and witness in AlwaysOn configuration

weidaiMS by weidaiMS,
Last updated: 9/11/2018

VOD-Aspera-Wowza-AzureMediaServices Solution Template

Wowza end to end Solution template launches a stack which includes a End User Desktop, Aspera Transfer server, Storage Account, Azure Media Services, and Wowza Streaming Server

vcherukuri by vcherukuri,
Last updated: 9/10/2018

SAP NetWeaver 3-tier multi SID (A)SCS (managed disks)

This template allows you to deploy a VM using a operating system that is supported by SAP.

MSSedusch by Sebastian Max Dusch,
Last updated: 9/7/2018

website cluster

This template deploys a website cluster and enables Zabbix monitoring, and allows user to define the number of web servers.

251744647 by 251744647,
Last updated: 9/6/2018

Redis cluster on Ubuntu VMs

This template creates a Redis cluster on Ubuntu virtual machine images, configures persistence and applies well known optimizations and proven practices

TheAzureGuy by Valery M,
Last updated: 9/6/2018

Nodejs front-end and MongoDB cluster on Ubuntu VMs

This template creates a front-end Nodejs service and a multi-server MongoDB deployment on Ubuntu virtual machines, and configures the MongoDB installation for high availability

OzGitele by Oz,
Last updated: 9/6/2018

PostgreSQL 10 on Ubuntu VMs

This template creates PostgreSQL streaming replication from one master to one or more slaves each configured with multiple striped data disks. The database servers are deployed into a private subnet with an optional externally accessible jumpbox.

trentmswanson by Trent Swanson,
Last updated: 9/6/2018