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Azure Quickstart Templates

Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.


What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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SharePoint 2016 and 2013 configured with ADFS authentication

This template deploys SharePoint 2013 or 2016 with 3 VMs (DC, SQL and SharePoint), each with a public IP address and a subnet protected with a Network Security Group. Domain Controller runs ADCS, ADFS, and 2 additional DNS zones to support SharePoint apps. SharePoint has 1 web application with 2 zones. Default zone uses Windows authentication and Intranet zone uses federated authentication with ADFS. Latest version of claims provider LDAPCP is installed and configured. User Profile and Apps (addins) services are fully configured.

Yvand by Yvan Duhamel,
Last updated: 11/6/2018

Create a new lab in Azure DevTest Labs

This template creates a new DevTest Lab / DTL instance. More Azure Resource Manager Quickstart Templates for Azure DevTestlab available at

mithunshanbhag by Mithun Shanbhag,
Last updated: 11/11/2015