Using Azure Media Services to Dynamically encrypt your assets with AES-128

Last updated: 7/29/2016
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The sample shows how to use Azure Media Services to dynamically encrypt your content with AES 128-bit clear encryption keys.

How To Run This Sample

To run this sample you will need:

  • Visual Studio 2013 or 2015
  • An Internet connection
  • An Azure subscription

Step 1: Clone or download this repository.

Step 2: Update the app.config file

Update the appSettings section of the app.config file with values of your Azure Media Services account.

        <add key="MediaServicesAccountName" value="MediaServicesAccountName" />
        <add key="MediaServicesAccountKey" value="MediaServicesAccountKey" />
        <add key="Issuer" value="" />
        <add key="Audience" value="urn:test" />

Step 3: Get at least one streaming unit

Get at least one streaming unit for the streaming endpoint from which you plan to delivery your content. For more information, see: configure streaming endpoints

Step 4: Run the sample

Clean the solution, rebuild the solution, and run it.

About the code

For detailed information about the sample, see Using AES-128 Dynamic Encryption and Key Delivery Service.

More information

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