This sample provides an overview of how Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program partners can utilize various capabilities of Azure IoT Services to provide high value managed services like monitoring and analyzing the usage, performance, and uptime of customer devices in the field.

Running this sample

This sample consists of four components, each with a unique containing instructions for code execution. To build out the full sample, run deployment instructions for each in the following order: + CSP IoT (Deploying the Azure Infrastructure) + IoT Device Simulator (Sending data to the Azure Infrastructure) + Power BI Analytics (Building the Power BI Dashboard) + Sensor Tag UWP App (Connecting a simple device via a UWP field gateway)

Deploy this sample to Azure

The first sample project CSP IoT provides sample ARM templates that will deploy the Cloud Services for IoT directly to Azure.

About the code

The accompanying Technical Guide is a suggested pre-requisite prior to begining deployment.

More information

Authors: Brian Blanchard, Marcus Crast, Mitesh Patekar, Jason Rook

Technical reviewers: Andre Muraro, Microsoft Corporation

Published: May 2016

Applies to: Microsoft Azure IoT Services

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