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Getting Started with Azure Queue Service in .NET

The getting started sample demonstrates how to perform common tasks using the Azure Queue Service in .NET including inserting, peeking, getting and deleting queue messages, as well as creating and deleting queues.

jasonnewyork by Jason Hogg (MSFT),
Last updated: 9/19/2016

Azure Storage Queue Service - Quick Sample using Pop Receipt and Face API

Azure Queue Service Pop Receipt Sample with Image Upload and Face Recognition using Face API from Azure Cognitive Services

seguler by Sercan Guler [MSFT],
Last updated: 6/7/2018

Transfer objects to and from Azure Blob storage using .NET

Code for QuickStart article for accessing Blobs with .NET

georgewallace by George Wallace,
Last updated: 4/8/2019

The Business Reviewer

Demo app showing how to use several Azure services with Xamarin including Azure AD B2C, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Functions, Azure App Services, and Azure Media Services

codemillmatt by Matt Soucoup,
Last updated: 9/25/2018