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Azure Code Samples

Learn to interact with Azure services through code

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Custom Vision + Azure IoT Edge on a Raspberry Pi 3

Sample showing how to deploy a AI model from the Custom Vision service to a Raspberry Pi 3 device using Azure IoT Edge

ebertrams by Emmanuel Bertrand,
Last updated: 10/5/2018

How to get started for using IoT Hub REST API in Python

This Python sample app is used by the getting started content to demonstrate how easy it is to create an IoTHub Instance on Azure portal, and register a new device for the IoTHub, then send a message from device (simulated device app) to cloud.

msonecode by One Code,
Last updated: 3/28/2017

Azure IoT Samples for Python

azure-iot-samples-python provides a set of easy-to-understand, continuously-tested samples for using Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service using Python SDK.

azure-samples by Azure Samples,
Last updated: 5/21/2018