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Azure Service Fabric watchdog sample

Sample watchdog service that can monitor service health and metrics reporting them to Application Insights

toddabel by Todd Abel,
Last updated: 4/26/2017

.NET Native App accessing Web Service that calls a downstream Web API with Conditional Access

A .NET 4.5 MVC Web API protected by Azure AD that receives tokens from a client and uses ADAl to get tokens for calling a downstream web API with a Conditional Access policy applied to it.

danieldobalian by Daniel Dobalian,
Last updated: 4/24/2017

Service Fabric Getting Started Sample

Get started with Service Fabric with these simple introductory sample projects.

vturecek by Vaclav Turecek,
Last updated: 4/24/2017

Media Services: Integrating Azure Media Services with Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Sample Azure Functions for use with Azure Media Services. Ingest from Azure Blobs, encode and output to Azure Blobs, monitor encoding progress, and use WebHooks or Queues to hook into the workflow.

johndeu by John Deutscher,
Last updated: 4/21/2017

Getting Started with Azure Search using .NET

Getting Started with Azure Search using .NET

azure-samples by Azure Samples,
Last updated: 4/21/2017

ASP.NET and SQL Database sample for Azure App Service

A simple ASP.NET application that demonstrates how to develop data-driven apps in Azure App Service

cephalin by Cephas Lin,
Last updated: 4/19/2017

Power BI Embedded - Integrate a report into a web app

A Power BI Embedded sample that shows you how to integrate a Power BI report into your own web app

dvana by Derrick VanArnam [MSFT],
Last updated: 4/19/2017

Azure AD B2C: Call a .NET web API from a .NET web app

A combined sample for a .NET web application that calls a .NET Web API, both secured using Azure AD B2C

parakhj by Parakh Jain,
Last updated: 4/18/2017

An ASP.NET Core web app with Azure AD B2C

An ASP.NET Core web application that signs-in users with Microsoft Accounts and Azure AD Accounts from multiple Azure AD directories

gsacavdm by Gerardo Saca,
Last updated: 4/18/2017

Service Fabric IoT Sample

An end-to-end sample that demonstrates an IoT application combining Service Fabric with other Azure services.

vturecek by Vaclav Turecek,
Last updated: 4/18/2017

Authorization in a web app using Azure AD application roles & role claims

A .NET 4.5 MVC web app that uses Azure AD application roles for authorization.

dstrockis by Danny Strockis,
Last updated: 4/13/2017

Authenticating to Azure AD in daemon apps with certificates

A .NET 4.5 daemon application that uses a certificate to authenticate with Azure AD and get OAuth 2.0 access tokens.

dstrockis by Danny Strockis,
Last updated: 4/13/2017

Identity Management for Multitenant Applications in Microsoft Azure

How to manage user identities in a multitenant app on Microsoft Azure, using Azure Active Directory for authentication.

MikeWasson by Mike Wasson,
Last updated: 4/11/2017

Getting started with Service Fabric with .NET Core

Get started with Service Fabric with .NET Core

raunakpandya by Raunak Pandya,
Last updated: 4/6/2017

Microsoft Bing Speech API: Windows Speech-to-Text Sample

Windows SDK for the Microsoft Speech-to-Text API, part of Cognitive Services

priyaravi20 by priyaravi20,
Last updated: 4/6/2017

Azure Service Fabric Party Cluster

Learn about cluster and application management. This is the application that manages the Service Fabric Party Clusters.

vturecek by Vaclav Turecek,
Last updated: 4/4/2017

Service Fabric Standalone Cluster Configuration

Templates for Service Fabric Standalone cluster configurations.

maburlik by Max Burlik,
Last updated: 4/4/2017

Getting Started Backend Sample

Backend getting started source code for .Net Core

shoatman by Shane Oatman,
Last updated: 4/3/2017