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Get up and running with Kubernetes

Published: 5/7/2021

Build, deliver, and scale container-based applications faster with Kubernetes. Learn the basics of Kubernetes, then discover how to easily deploy and manage containers at scale with Kubernetes on Azure.

With the Kubernetes collection, you’ll get multiple resources that will help you gain the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to get started with Kubernetes—all in one place.

Access the collection to get:

  • Hands-On Kubernetes on Azure, Third Edition - Read the updated version of this Packt e-book and gain insight into building reliable applications in the new foreword by Kubernetes cofounder Brendan Burns. Discover what’s new in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) including security enhancements, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation, and the latest-supported technologies. Learn how to deploy and manage container clusters at scale using AKS. 
  • Designing Distributed Systems - In this e-book, explore distributed system concepts and get reusable patterns and practices for building distributed systems.
  • The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook - Get guidance from experts in this Packt e-book. Explore a dedicated AKS architectural map and a reference architecture that hosts a service mesh for microservices in AKS. 

You’ll also gain access to additional content, including a video series by Brendan Burns, a learning path with   interactive courses, and a hands-on Kubernetes workshop to help accelerate your adoption of Kubernetes.


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