Will my organization be charged for phone calls or text messages used by Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to authenticate my users?

All costs are rolled into the per-user or per-authentication cost of the service. Organization (changed from “you”) are not charged for individual phone calls placed, or text messages sent, to your users when using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. Phone owners may incur roaming-related or other costs from their telephone carriers to receive the phone calls or text messages.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Related questions and answers

  • Billing is based on the number of users enabled for Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • The "per-user" or "per-authentication" billing/usage model is chosen when creating a Multi-Factor Authentication Provider in the Microsoft Azure classic portal. It’s a consumption-based resource that’s billed against the organization’s Azure subscription, just like virtual machines or websites.

  • The billing model is selected during resource creation and cannot be changed once the resource is provisioned. It's possible, however, to create a new Multi-Factor Authentication resource to replace the original. Please note that user settings and configuration options cannot be transferred to the new resource.

  • A subset of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities is offered at no cost to Azure Global Administrators when the corresponding Azure Active Directory has not been provisioned with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for directory users.