What is the difference between BizTalk Services and running BizTalk Server in a VM?

BizTalk Services provides a true Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture for building integration solutions in the cloud. With the PaaS model, you can focus completely on the application logic and leave all of the infrastructure management to Microsoft – there is no need to manage or patch virtual machines, we ensure availability, and you control scale on-demand by simply requesting more or less capacity through the Microsoft Azure classic portal. BizTalk Server on Azure Virtual Machines provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) architecture, which allows you to create virtual machines and configure them exactly like your on-premises environment, making it easier to run existing applications in the cloud with no code changes. With IaaS, you are still responsible for configuring the virtual machines and managing them (for example, installing software and OS patches) and for architecting the application for high availability. If you are looking at building new integration solutions that minimize your infrastructure management effort, use BizTalk Services. If you are looking to quickly migrate your existing BizTalk solutions or looking for an on-demand environment to develop and test BizTalk Server applications, use BizTalk Server on Azure Infrastructure Services.

BizTalk Services

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  • For every hour of usage of a BizTalk Unit, we charge 1 BizTalk Unit hour. Your bill will reflect the total BizTalk Unit hours used. Based on the tier of the BizTalk Services that you use, one or more of the following meters will show up on your bill:

    • Developer BizTalk Unit Hours
    • Basic BizTalk Unit Hours
    • Standard BizTalk Unit Hours
    • Premium BizTalk Unit Hours

    For example, if you use 2 units of BizTalk Services Premium and each unit is active for 24 hours, we will charge you for 48 Premium BizTalk Unit Hours.

  • For the clock hour during which the scale changes happened, you will be charged based on the highest number of BizTalk Units used during that clock hour.

  • Yes, we provide this for BizTalk Services customers and you may find the download here.

  • While you’ll need to bring your own storage, egress is included, which differs from many other services.

  • We start charging when your BizTalk service is created and the service is in Active state. Billing is stopped once the BizTalk service is deleted. Please note that you will be charged for the entire clock hour in which the service is created or deleted.

    For example, a customer using BizTalk Services Premium created 1 unit at 1:15 PM UTC and deleted it at 4:30 PM UTC, the customer will be charged 4 Premium BizTalk Unit hours.

  • When you provision a BizTalk Service, you pay for the dedicated service, hosted and managed by Microsoft. The cost of the Access Control Namespace, Azure SQL Database, and the Azure Storage account are not included in the cost of the BizTalk Service. As a result, you must pay for these additional requirements.