Transitioning Azure from Enterprise Agreement to Microsoft Customer Agreement FAQ

There’s a new way of doing business with Microsoft. Now, it’s easier to buy and manage your Azure services through a streamlined, digital experience, with enhanced options and capabilities for billing and cost management.

Placing an order and accepting agreement

  • The Microsoft Customer Agreement is a perpetual contract that doesn’t expire for transactional purchases. The agreement is presented in your proposal as a hyperlink.
  • No. Once you have accepted the Microsoft Customer Agreement, you no longer need to renew the Enterprise Agreement enrollment that you transitioned.
  • The Microsoft Azure Plan for DevTest provides Visual Studio subscribers discounted rates on development and testing workloads on Azure. This plan is on a pay-as-you-go basis with limited service level agreements. Learn more here.
  • If your proposal expires before you had a chance to place the order, contact your Microsoft representative.
  • The edit link allows you to update the billing information and primary contact. The country of the account cannot be changed through this flow and requires customer support.

Transitioning to new billing account

  • When your organization accepts the Microsoft Customer Agreement, a new billing account is created. This new billing account offers enhanced billing and cost management capabilities through a streamlined, unified management experience.
  • You need to transition the billing of your Azure subscriptions from your Enterprise Agreement enrollment to the new billing account.
  • Your new billing account only supports billing administrators from your organization’s tenant. If billing administrators on your Enterprise Agreement enrollment are part of the tenant, they’ll get access to the new billing account during the transition. If they aren't part of the tenant, you must invite them to the tenant to give them access to the new billing account.
  • Azure services in your subscription keep running without any interruption. We only transition the billing relationship for your Azure subscriptions. There won't be an impact to existing resources, resource groups, or management groups.
  • If you don’t transition to the new billing account before your Enterprise Agreement enrollment expires, then Azure services in that enrollment will keep running without any service interruption, but they’ll be charged at retail rates.
  • No. Once the billing of your Azure subscriptions is transitioned to the new billing account, you can't revert it back to your Enterprise Agreement enrollment.
  • To complete the setup, you need to transition the billing of Azure subscriptions from your Enterprise Agreement enrollment to the new billing account. This requires billing permission on the Azure subscriptions. Only enterprise administrators of the enrollment have this permission.
  • You may ask an existing enterprise administrator to make you an enterprise administrator.
  • Any Azure Reservations in your Enterprise Agreement enrollment will also be transitioned to your new billing account. During the transition, there won't be any changes to the reservation discounts that are being applied to your subscriptions.