Is tax included in Azure virtual machines pricing?

Tax is not included in Azure virtual machines pricing. It’s added separately. Learn more about Azure pricing for Linux and Windows virtual machines.

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  • Currently, the NV virtual machine promo will be available for on-demand deployment until 31 October 2020. The promo virtual machines deployed before that will continue to run. These virtual machines will be available for new deployments after the promo end date, but the promo pricing will no longer be in place. The promo end dates for NC and H series promo are not yet determined.

  • No. The virtual machines offered under the three promos are only available for on-demand usage.

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  • No. reserved instances bought for regular virtual machines do not apply to the promo virtual machines.

  • No. All new virtual machines have an operating system disk and a local disk (or “resource disk”). We don’t charge for local disk storage. The operating system disk is charged at the regular rate for disks. See all virtual machines configurations.

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