If my virtual machine ran for 6 minutes and 45 seconds, how much do I get billed?

We charge for the number of full minutes your virtual machine is running, so you are not billed for any extra seconds. In this example you would be billed for 6 minutes.

Virtual Machines

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  • Yes, through license mobility, if you have Software Assurance you can "bring-your-own-license" for all Virtual Machines supported server products.

  • A temporary disk is storage that’s attached directly to the deployed VM. Data on a temporary disk is lost once the VM is shut down. If you need persistent storage, there are a number of types and sizes of persistent data disks available that are charged separately. Please see storage pricing for information. For persistent VM storage, we recommend that you use Managed Disks to take advantage of better management features, scalability, availability, and security.

  • No. Tax will be added separately.