Do Volume License discounts apply to Azure Marketplace purchases?

No. Pricing for solutions in the Azure Marketplace is set and owned by ISVs, and standard Microsoft volume license discounts do not apply towards Azure Marketplace purchases.

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  • You get easy access to Azure Support by going online to the Azure portal and submitting a support request. Access to subscription management and billing support is included with your Microsoft Azure subscription, and technical support is provided through one of the Azure Support Plans. For step-by-step guidance for the Azure portal, see How to create an Azure support request. Alternatively, you can create and manage your support tickets programmatically using the Azure Support ticket REST API.

  • Yes. Azure Stack Hub is an extension of Azure and the support for Azure Stack Hub is included in the Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier paid support plans. Please note that Stack is not included in the Developer paid support plan.

  • We have designed our Azure Support plans to meet different business needs. Paid support plans provide access to Technical Support for break-fix issues on a 24x7 basis. Higher tiers of support plans offer faster initial response times and access to Advisory support, Configuration Optimization Reviews, and other benefits. More information about the existing support plans can be found at the Azure Support Plans page.

    Azure Stack Hub is covered by the Standard, Pro Direct and Premier support plans.

  • Both basic and standard tiers do not require auto-scaling. Customers can use an unlimited amount of pushes at published rates.

  • Windows Server can be licensed via your SPLA agreement or via the end customer’s license if they qualify for the Disaster Recovery Software Assurance benefit.