Are there any guidelines for what an Azure Partner Directory profile should have?

The goal of the Azure Partner Directory is to have a listing for customers who need to connect with Partners in the context of leveraging the Azure public cloud offering. With that in mind we are asking partners to describe their business in the context of Microsoft Azure services/solutions they provide that meet a customer’s need.

  • In general, comply with Azure brand guidelines (e.g. Microsoft Azure, not Windows Azure)
  • Profile must contain a logo (340X148 pixels, .png, .jpg or .jpeg)
  • URL should reference your Microsoft azure business and not a generic homepage
  • Service description should not be generic (e.g. overview of company) but specific to your Microsoft Azure service practice
  • Profile must reference only those Azure services/solutions for which you have an active practice and expertise

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  • Managed Instance allows for scaling compute and storage independently. Customers pay for compute measured in vCores, storage and backup measured in gigabytes (GB).

    Managed Instance has two price options:

    • License included: Excludes Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server . This option is for customers who choose not to apply their existing SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to Managed Instance.
    • Base rate: Reduced price that includes Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Customers can opt into this price by using their SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance.
  • Managed Instance is billed on a predictable, hourly rate based on the service tier, provisioned compute in vCores, provisioned storage and backup in GB per month. Backup storage up to 100 percent of your total database storage is included; beyond this, you’ll be billed in GB per month.

  • Enterprise Agreement (EA)customers can purchase Azure Standard and ProDirect technical support through their reseller or Microsoft sales representative. Developer support is not available through an EA. For customers interested in Unified or Premier Support, please work with a Microsoft sales representative.

  • Currently the virtual machines offered under the three promos will be available for on-demand deployment till October 31st, 2020. The promo virtual machines deployed before that will continue to run. However, these virtual machines will not be available for new deployments after the promo end date.

  • You get easy access to Azure Support by going online to the Azure portal and submitting a support request. Access to subscription management and billing support is included with your Microsoft Azure subscription, and technical support is provided through one of the Azure Support Plans. For step-by-step guidance for the Azure portal, see How to create an Azure support request. Alternatively, you can create and manage your support tickets programmatically using the Azure Support ticket REST API.