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Inside Azure for IT

Get the latest best practices, skilling videos, and Azure insider information for IT professionals.

Fireside chats

Learn what's new with Azure infrastructure as Erin Chapple, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Azure Core Product and Design, talks with customers, partners, and industry leaders. Watch these on-demand videos for an inside look at cloud infrastructure trends, technologies, and use cases. Watch the full video series

Navigate market uncertainty by migrating and modernizing with Azure

Erin Chapple talks with Sathish Rajappa about how retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers are accelerating digital transformation by using Blue Yonder and Azure to unify their data, supply chain, and retail commerce operations.

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Optimize IT investments to maximize efficiency and reduce cloud spend

Henry O'Connell of Canary Speech joins Erin Chapple to discuss their vocal biomarker screening technology, and how they’re optimizing their applications to maximize value, efficiency, and IT spend by using Azure.

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Strengthen your security to innovate fearlessly and grow your business

Erin Chapple chats with fellow Microsoft CVP, Vasu Jakkal, about today's security landscape, how customers are improving resiliency by taking advantage of Microsoft's investments, and security is critical for innovation and growing your business.

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Inside Azure for IT skilling videos

Improve your cloud infrastructure skills with advanced guidance from Azure experts in this on-demand video series.

See what's new in Azure confidential computing

Learn how to protect sensitive data—whether it's in transit or at rest—with the latest advances in Azure confidential computing, including confidential virtual machines (VMs) and confidential containers.

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Protect your IT assets with Azure business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

Find out how to improve business continuity and disaster recovery with offerings like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. Get details on the most recent features, customer stories, and ways to optimize costs.

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Help secure your data and assets with Azure network security

Explore new ways and innovations to help keep your network apps, data, and infrastructure safe from evolving threats—while increasing your network agility and reducing costs.

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Build apps that scale automatically with Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Learn how to develop robust and dynamically scalable apps. Rightsize your infrastructure based on demand and simplify management of your business-critical apps while increasing their resiliency.

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Optimize workload availability with Azure Disk Storage

Achieve high availability for your mission-critical workloads and help protect your data with high-performance, highly durable block storage designed for Azure Virtual Machines.

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Simplify networking and remote user connectivity with Azure Virtual WAN

Make life easier for your remote workforce. Simplify connectivity, security, and routing with the Azure Virtual WAN networking solution and take advantage of SD-WAN partner technologies.

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Canonical and Microsoft: Secure, strengthen, and simplify your Linux stack

Get more from your Linux stack by running Ubuntu and other solutions from Canonical—including Ubuntu Pro and Pro FIPS, as well as Kubernetes capabilities—on Microsoft Azure.

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Deploy containerized apps quickly and reliably with Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Discover how to create projects, build containers from code, and run them on Azure Red Hat OpenShift, a service that’s built on Kubernetes and jointly engineered and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat.

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Run Kubernetes everywhere with Rancher

Learn about microservices trends and multicloud computing options from experts at Rancher and SUSE. Plus, find out how to add and monitor your Kubernetes clusters on Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

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Azure Automanage VM best practices

Optimize and automate your server management and reduce operational expenses with Azure Automanage. And, hear about this service's extended support for Windows Server and popular Linux distributions.

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What's new in Windows Admin Center 2103

Familiarize yourself with the latest enhancements in Windows Admin Center, a locally deployed browser-based management tool—including the generally available 2103 release.

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How to use Windows Admin Center in the Azure portal

Learn how to seamlessly manage and get granular configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance functionality of your Windows Server virtual machines (VMs) from the Azure portal using Windows Admin Center.

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Migrate SAP workloads to Azure

Get to know the resources, tools, and techniques you need to move your SAP workloads to Azure to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Plus, hear about best practices used by customers that have already made the move.

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Update SAP products from Power Apps using Power Automate

Learn how to extend your SAP investments by building low-code apps with Microsoft Power Apps. See how to use Power Automate to implement an update functionality for your SAP solutions.

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Create Power Apps and use custom connectors to connect to SAP

See how to create a simple Power App using a SAP customer connector to connect to the SAP Gateway Demo System and retrieve product information from it.

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Skytap on Azure: Accelerate cloud migration for apps running IBM Power

Learn how to simplify migration and use self-service access to develop, deploy, and accelerate innovation for complex apps running on IBM Power.

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Azure VMware Solution: End-to-end networking

See how to extend your on-premises datacenter to a software-defined datacenter using Azure VMware Solution.

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Azure VMware Solution for business continuity and disaster recovery

Discover how to better protect your VMware workloads using the latest backup and recovery features in Azure VMware Solution.

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Best practices for onboarding Azure Arc–enabled servers

Learn how to work with a wide range of resources on Azure, including Windows, Linux, SQL Server, and Kubernetes, as well as Azure services across Hyper-V, VMware, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform assets.

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Architect and design hybrid and multicloud solutions

See how to create hybrid apps with components distributed across public cloud services, private clouds, data centers, and the edge—while maintaining central visibility and control.

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Product tour of Azure Stack HCI using Windows Admin Center

Get familiar with the features and functionality of Azure Stack HCI, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) operating system delivered as an Azure service.

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Help protect your assets from ransomware with Azure Backup

Learn how to help safeguard your infrastructure from sophisticated cyberattacks and security threats—including data exfiltration, unauthorized access, ransomware, malware, and malicious insider actions.

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Optimize your backup costs with Azure Backup

Simplify your data protection and cut costs by choosing which resources to back up, what type of storage to use, and whether to clean up inactive or deleted data. Plus, see how to use the right policy for your workloads.

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Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall and Azure DDoS Protection

See how to help protect your network against common web application attacks by using some of the latest Azure security features.

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