Effective DevOps

Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affinity, and Tooling at Scale

Published: 8/31/2018

DevOps is a culture and practice that unifies people, processes, and tools across development and operations to help you deliver software faster and more reliably. Apply the principles of DevOps to fit the unique needs of your organization, using the tools and languages you already know. 

Download this e-book from O’Reilly to get a practical guide for improving collaboration across teams, promoting efficient use of tools, and using the concepts of DevOps to work more effectively. You’ll also:
  • Explore the foundations and four pillars of effective DevOps: Collaboration, affinity, tools, and scaling.
  • Get an overview of DevOps, including the evolution, foundational terminology, and concepts.
  • Understand common misconceptions about DevOps and anti-patterns used in the practice. 

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