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Java on Azure

Migrate, modernize, or build Java applications in the cloud with your preferred tools and frameworks.
Discover and assess Spring and Apache Tomcat apps at scale using Azure Migrate

Develop using tools and frameworks you love

Build, debug, and deploy Java applications on Azure using your favorite IDEs, including Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code for Java—with GitHub Copilot. Use build and automation tools such as GitHub Actions, Maven, Gradle, and Jenkins for your continuous integration and continuous delivery needs.

Ship faster with fully managed services

Focus on building business applications instead of managing infrastructure. Take advantage of Azure App Service, Azure Spring Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Azure Red Hat OpenShift for hardware and software infrastructure management.

Extend, optimize, and secure Java apps

Enhance your apps using services such as managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cosmos DB, and SQL databases with Azure Functions for serverless solutions. Prioritize security with Azure threat protection, data encryption, and compliance. Streamline integration using Azure Service Bus with JMS support and Azure API Management.

Access the Microsoft partner ecosystem

Bring your existing Java workloads to Azure and extend the functionality of your applications with a growing portfolio of Java-focused solutions. They include unique managed hosting options with joint development and support as well as Azure Marketplace images for popular Linux distributions.

Learn how to choose the right Azure services for your applications. Learn more.

Azure Spring Apps

Easily deploy, operate, and scale your Spring Boot apps in a fully managed environment with Azure Spring Apps. Get even more functionality with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise, which adds fully managed VMware Tanzu components, advanced configurability, and Spring Runtime support.

A diagram showing how you can use Azure Spring Apps to deploy, operate and scale your Spring Boot apps
A diagram showing how you can deploy Java apps on Azure App Service using Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Tomcat on Azure App Service

Deploy Tomcat-based Java applications with ease on Azure App Service and benefit from integrated developer tools, automated scaling, and robust security.

JBoss EAP on Azure App Service

Deploy your enterprise Java apps on a fully managed service with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) on Azure App Service. Get the fully managed experience of App Service with joint support from Microsoft and Red Hat.

JBoss EAP on Azure App Service
A diagram showing how you can deploy Java apps on Azure App Service using Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Open Liberty, WebSphere, and WebLogic on Azure Kubernetes Service

Run Java, Java EE, and Jakarta EE applications with IBM WebSphere Liberty or Oracle WebLogic Server on AKS with jointly developed solutions by Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. Easily create production-ready deployments with solution templates, instructions, samples, and best practices.

Get started with Java on Azure

Migrate and modernize

Simplify your migration to Azure using tools and best practices for transitioning your Java apps with minimal code changes, ensuring optimal performance and resilience.

Migrate and modernize
Build and integrate

Build and integrate

Use advanced tooling in Visual Studio Code and AI capabilities to elevate your apps. With Azure DevOps and third-party integrations, transition smoothly from idea to deployment.

Build and deploy Java apps in the cloud using familiar tools, services, and libraries







Kroger customer tech talk

Kroger migrated their on-premises Java application to Azure to scale their stock management process. Learn how they planned and executed the migration, and how Java on Azure supports a great customer experience.

A person doing a video podcast

Supercharge your Spring Boot apps

Watch this demo to see how to deploy apps to Azure Spring Apps and take advantage of features like autoscaling, monitoring, and end-to-end automation.

Enterprises that run their Java applications on Azure

"Because we wrote Experience Manager in Java and not .NET, we were initially worried about deploying in Azure. However, the product works well in Azure."

Brandon Pulsipher, Vice President of Technical Operations and Managed Service, Adobe

"Azure frees the team from the day-to-day heavy operational work to focus on creating core business value."

Nedved Yang, Head of Digital Technology, AIA Singapore

A city skyline with a Ferris wheel and highways running through the city
“We are Java developers. We are not infrastructure guys. We are not system administrators. With Azure Spring Apps, we don't have to worry about managing Kubernetes or cluster downtime.” 

Philipp Stussak, Software Architect, Bosch

"Using Kubernetes on Azure satisfies our objectives for efficient software development. It aligns well with our digital plans and our choice of open-source solutions."

Rasmus Hald, Head of Cloud Architecture, Maersk

Cranes lifting shipping containers at a dock
"We chose Azure Spring Apps to concentrate on writing apps and running them with minimum overhead."

Jonathan Jones, Lead Solutions Architect, Group Finance IT, Swiss Re

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Strong partner ecosystem


Java on Azure learning path

Learn how to build, migrate, and scale Java applications on Azure with Azure services and familiar Java development tools and frameworks.

Deploy a Java web app to Azure App Service

Learn how to deploy and configure a Java web app on Azure App Service. You’ll create and package a Java web app and use the Maven plugin for the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service to deploy.

Deploy Spring Boot microservices to Azure

Learn how to deploy Spring Boot microservices to Azure Spring Apps. You'll create an Azure Spring Apps cluster, build different Spring Boot microservices, configure a Spring Apps Config server, and build a Spring Apps Gateway.

Deploy a Java EE application to Azure

Learn how to deploy a Java EE (Jakarta EE) application to Red Hat JBoss EAP on Azure App Service and bind it to Azure Database for MySQL. You’ll create a database instance, bind it to an app, and manage the app on JBoss EAP.

Java to Azure migration docs

Read about recommended strategies for migrating Java applications to Azure. The documentation covers general migration and specific workloads including Spring, Tomcat, WebLogic, WildFly, WebSphere, and JBoss EAP.

Be more productive with latest Azure Java SDKs

Kick-start your cloud-enabled Java apps using the latest unified SDKs. Streamline your cloud development with features such as HTTP retries, logging, and transport and authentication protocols.

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