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Save money when you reserve resources in advance. Plus, enjoy monthly payment options at no extra cost.

The cloud provides efficient ways of running technology. As a cloud provider, we focus on pricing innovation with the goal of helping you save more. This gives you more cloud for less cost, while maintaining simplicity.

Receive a discount on your Azure services by purchasing reservations. Giving us visibility into your one-year or three-year resource needs in advance allows us to be more efficient. In return, we pass these savings onto you as discounts of up to 72 percent1.

Get more cloud for less cost

Reduce costs up to 72 percent compared to pay-as-you-go pricing for select Azure services. Save up to 80 percent when you combine reservation savings with Azure Hybrid Benefit. Lower your upfront cash outflow with monthly payment options at no additional cost.

Budget and forecast more effectively

Reserve resources upfront to help plan for long-term success. Take advantage of one-year or three-year terms to support your budget goals.

Enjoy ease and simplicity

Buy reservations in a few simple steps from the Azure portal. Choose a payment option that’s right for you. Cancel anytime and return the remaining months of a reservation (for a fee).

Save with reserved instances

Combine Windows and Linux reserved VM instances savings with pay-as-you-go pricing to manage costs across predictable and variable workloads.

Windows virtual machines


80 percent savings2

compared to Pay-As-You-Go

Linux virtual machines


72 percent savings3

compared to Pay-As-You-Go

Lower costs with reserved capacity

Reduce your spend by pre-committing to fully managed Azure data services. Pay upfront or pay on a monthly basis at no additional cost.

Azure SQL Database


80 percent savings4

compared to Pay-As-You-Go

Azure Cosmos DB


65 percent savings5

compared to Pay-As-You-Go

Azure Synapse Analytics


65 percent savings6

compared to Pay-As-You-Go

Azure Storage Reserved Capacity


38 percent savings7

compared to Pay-As-You-Go

App Service


55 percent savings8

compared to Pay-As-You-Go


See more frequently asked questions on reserved instance and reserved capacity.

  • Purchase 1- or 3-year reservations directly in the Azure portal.
  • You have the choice of paying for reservations upfront or on a monthly basis. The monthly payment option is available at no extra cost. However, if you’re in a non-US dollar market, your monthly payment amount may vary depending on the current month’s market exchange rate for your local currency. Learn more.
  • If you need to exchange or cancel your reserved instance, details are available here.

    If you need to exchange or cancel your SQL Database reserved capacity reservation, details are available here.

Reserve your resources in advance to receive savings that we pass onto you

Purchase your reservation

1 The 72% saving is based on one M32ts Azure VM for Windows OS in US Gov Virginia region running for 36 months at a Pay as You Go rate of ~$3660.81/month; reduced rate for a 3-year Reserved Instance of ~$663.45/month. Azure pricing as of 10/30/2018 (prices subject to change). Actual savings may vary based on location, instance type, or usage.

2 The 80% saving is based on the combined cost of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server and 3-year Azure Reserved Instance. The estimate does not include Software Assurance costs. Sample annual cost comparison of two D2V3 Windows Server VMs. Savings based on two D2V3 VMs in US West 2 Region running 744 hours/month for 12 months; Base compute rate at SUSE Linux Enterprise rate for US West 2. Azure pricing as of 04/24/2018. Prices subject to change. Actual savings may vary based on location, instance type, or usage.

3 Savings calculations based on one M32ts Azure VM for CentOS or Ubuntu Linux in US Gov Virginia region running for 36 months at a Pay as You Go rate of ~$2371.04/month; reduced rate for a 3-year Reserved Instance of ~$663.45/month. Azure pricing as of 11/07/2018  (prices subject to change). Actual savings may vary based on location, instance type, or usage.

4 The 80% savings based on eight vCore SQL Database Business Critical in West 2 US Region, running 730 hours per month. Savings are calculated from on demand full price (license included) against base rate with Azure Hybrid Benefit plus 3-year reserved capacity commitment. Savings excludes Software Assurance cost for SQL Server Enterprise edition, which may vary based on EA agreement. Actual savings may vary based on region, instance size and performance tier. Prices as of November 2018, subject to change.

5 Savings available on one-year or three-year Azure Cosmos DB reserved capacity terms vs Pay-As-You-Go prices. Actual savings may vary based on total provisioned Throughput (RU/s), single-region or multiple-region writes, and term length. Prices as of November 2018, and subject to change.

6 Savings available on one-year or three-year Azure Synapse Analytics Compute Optimized Gen2 reserved capacity terms vs. Pay-As-You-Go prices. Does not include storage. Prices as of April 2019, and subject to change.

7 The 38% saving is based on three-year Azure Storage Reserved Capacity term for 1PB data storage on LRS redundancy for hot access tier on Block Blobs vs. Pay-As-You-Go prices. Saving may vary based on region, redundancy option, storage access tier and Azure Storage Reserved Capacity terms.

8 55% savings estimate is based on the 2 core 8GB App Service Premiumv3 plan (P1v3) in the US East region. Pay-as-you-go for this plan is $0.155 per hour versus $0.07 per hour with a 3-year commitment. Prices subject to change.