Microsoft FastTrack for Azure

Collaborate with Azure engineers to accelerate your time to value and expertise, grow your business, and onboard your customers.

When you engage with our engineering team through FastTrack for Azure, you foster your customers’ success with Azure solutions. Your FastTrack for Azure partner engagement provides many benefits.

Get on-the-job training

Learn best practices from Azure engineers to help build Azure solutions for your customers.

Build credibility

Collaborate with Azure engineers to boost your customers’ confidence in you as a trusted advisor.

Broaden your offerings

Create new or enhance existing solution-centric service offerings to discover new opportunities.

Mitigate risks

Use proven practices, design principles, tools, and resources to enable your customers’ success.

Do your customers qualify?

  • Have an active, paid Azure subscription
  • Are in an approved FastTrack for Azure region
  • Have identified an Azure project for FastTrack for Azure support
  • Within 12 months of deployment, drive Azure consumed revenue greater than $5000/month

Partner FAQs

    • What is FastTrack for Azure?

      The FastTrack for Azure program connects you—Microsoft partners—with the Azure engineering team to collaboratively help customers confidently build, test, and deploy Azure solutions at no cost. This program combines best practices and tools from real customer experiences to guide you and your customers through the technical advisory, setup, configuration, and deployment of Azure solutions.

    • How does FastTrack for Azure work?

      First, you nominate a qualified customer for consideration. If they are accepted into the program, you both work together with a FastTrack for Azure program manager to identify stakeholders, validate the customer’s vision, establish goals and requirements, and evaluate the architectural needs of the customer’s Azure solution. After qualifying the project, Azure engineers join the project to assist in the progression of the engagement from solution enablement through deployment.

    • What benefits do we gain from participating in FastTrack for Azure?

      Microsoft partners who have participated in FastTrack for Azure report the following benefits:

      • Greater, in-depth knowledge of Azure practices that they can apply in their customer environments.
      • The ability to create or expand on offerings and mitigate risks when developing complex solutions.
      • A solid role as a trusted advisor in enabling customer success.
    • Where is FastTrack for Azure available?

      FastTrack for Azure is available in English only. It’s currently available to Azure customers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States. It’s also available in Western Europe in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nordics, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    • How much do we and our customers pay to use FastTrack for Azure services?

      FastTrack for Azure is available to you and your eligible customers at no cost.

    • How do we and our customers participate in FastTrack for Azure?

      To participate in FastTrack for Azure, nominate your customers who meet the following criteria:

      • Have an active, paid Azure subscription. Azure demo or trial subscriptions are excluded, as are any Azure credits that are offered as part of a Visual Studio subscription or other Microsoft program.
      • Speak English and are in the approved FastTrack regions of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or Western Europe.
      • Have a defined project with a specific workload, such as Windows Server migration, SQL Server migration, SAP migration, application modernization, and data analytics.
      • Are ready to engage resources—such as named servers, applications, or databases—in their project to meet a pressing goal, not just a broad desire to use Azure.
      • Are ready to build and deploy a solution that’s supported by FastTrack for Azure as indicated on the FastTrack for Azure roadmap.
      • Have an Azure project that, within 12 months of deployment, will drive Azure consumed revenue greater than $5000/month.
      • Have approval from their designated Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, if they have one.
    • What qualifies as an Azure project?

      An Azure project consists of one or more Azure solutions—a group of Azure services, third-party applications, and related products—that help meet the most common business needs and scenarios deployed in production. For a complete list of FastTrack-supported Azure solutions, please visit the FastTrack for Azure roadmap.

    • How do we size our Azure projects to meet FastTrack for Azure eligibility requirements?

      You estimate the monthly cost of your customers’ proposed project by using the Azure pricing calculator and Azure example scenarios. The example scenarios show how to solve specific business or technical challenges by using Azure. Each scenario is based on a real customer example; provides fast, easy-to-read guidance to accelerate the implementation; and includes cost factors for the desired solution.

    • What are our competency requirements to engage with FastTrack for Azure?

      To engage with FastTrack for Azure, you must hold a Cloud Platform competency to demonstrate proven expertise in delivering quality solutions on Azure to enable customer success. If you don’t hold the Cloud Platform competency, additional approval is required for nominations that you submit.

    • What can we do if our nomination doesn’t meet the FastTrack for Azure eligibility criteria?

      If your nomination doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria, take advantage of technical presales and deployment benefits—available through your Microsoft partner membership—to help you build Azure solutions for your customer.

    • How do we nominate our customers?

      To nominate your customer, please fill out the nomination form. After you complete the form, a member of the FastTrack for Azure team will review the request and contact you within two business days.

    • What happens after we submit a customer nomination?

      A FastTrack for Azure program manager contacts you to validate the nomination and eligibility criteria. This person also works with you on the plan in terms of the objectives, conditions for success, the roles and responsibilities for you and the FastTrack for Azure team, the project timelines, and so on. A member of the FastTrack for Azure project team will schedule a joint call with the customer to discuss the program and review the project plan.

    • After a customer nomination is accepted, what are the stages of the FastTrack for Azure engagement process?

      A typical FastTrack for Azure engagement goes through the following stages:

      • Discovery: Identify key stakeholders, understand the problems your customers want to solve, and assess the architectural needs.
      • Solution enablement: Conduct an architectural design review and deliver solution enablement. Share proven practices and design principles for building applications, including core services as needed, configuration guidance, and enablement of proof-of-concept (PoC) and development environments.
      • Deployment: Support your team and customers’ in-house resources in deploying the Azure solution into production.
    • Do the FastTrack for Azure engineers and program manager come on site?

      No. FastTrack for Azure engagement is delivered remotely.

    • Do the Azure engineers deploy the customer’s solution?

      No. Because FastTrack for Azure is an advisory service, the engineers only provide guidance for Azure solution and will provide remote deployment support for the customer’s IT staff or you, the partner.

    • Does FastTrack for Azure provide deployment funding?

      No. FastTrack for Azure doesn’t provide any funding. You may combine investments through other Microsoft partner resources, programs, and incentives if applicable and described in the terms and conditions.

    • What are our responsibilities with FastTrack for Azure?

      You are expected to position the value of Azure and the idea of a solution to address your customers’ business needs. When you nominate customers, you must attend all interactions with them, allocate internal resources to write the code and scripts, develop the architectural deliverables, and deploy the solution into production for them.

    • What are the required tasks of the FastTrack for Azure engineers?

      The Azure engineers review the solution and architectural design with you and provide technical advisory and operational guidance. The team also provides technical knowledge transfer, including sample or template code. They oversee and assist with the solution PoC and dev/test deployments on the path to production. They also use customer and partner experiences to provide feedback to the Azure product groups. The Azure engineering team doesn’t review or develop source code, manage subscriptions, or deploy your solution on customers’ Azure tenants or environments.

    • How long are FastTrack for Azure engagements?

      The length of engagement varies depending on your customer’s needs. The FastTrack for Azure team works with you to provide the necessary resources until we meet the agreed conditions of the project and the customer’s satisfaction.

    • What solutions does FastTrack for Azure support?

      You may nominate eligible customers for one or more of the supported Azure solutions that are listed on the FastTrack for Azure roadmap.

    • Do the FastTrack for Azure engineers perform the migrations for the customer?

      No. You perform the migrations for your customer by using the proven practices of FastTrack for Azure from the various organizations and projects to enable customer success.

    • Can we combine multiple partner programs and offers with FastTrack for Azure?

      Yes. You may combine multiple partner resources, programs, and incentives from Microsoft to help deploy Azure solutions for your customers. For example, eligible partners can use Microsoft Azure Planning Services (AZDPS), Signature Cloud Support, Technical Presales and Deployment Services, and other programs if they meet the offer’s terms and conditions.

    • Does my experience with FastTrack for Microsoft 365 correspond to the experience we’ll have with FastTrack for Azure?

      No. While all Microsoft FastTrack programs help customers reach the cloud with confidence, FastTrack for Azure and Microsoft 365 have different engagement models and triggers. FastTrack for Azure is nomination-based, has eligibility criteria, and is staffed by full-time employees in Azure engineering. Also, in FastTrack for Azure, you and your customers engage directly with Microsoft.

    • Can independent software vendors (ISVs) engage with FastTrack for Azure?

      Yes. ISVs that are registered in the Microsoft Partner Network nominate themselves to work with Azure engineering.

    • Where can we find news about FastTrack for Azure?

      Learn about what’s new and coming in the FastTrack for Azure roadmap. Subscribe to notifications to stay current on Azure updates.

    • Where can we find information about FastTrack for Azure?

      If you have additional questions about the FastTrack for Azure program, please contact the FastTrack for Azure partner team.