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Azure Virtual Network

Create your own private network infrastructure in the cloud

  • Build and manage a secure network infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Bring your own IP addresses and DNS servers.
  • Secure your connections with an IPsec VPN or Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Get granular control over traffic between subnets.
  • Create sophisticated network topologies using virtual appliances.
  • Get an isolated and highly secure environment for your applications.

Create, connect, and manage your virtual networks in the cloud

Find services and resources to seamlessly support your virtual networking and security goals.

Azure Virtual Network

Service to provision private networks

Build an isolated, secure environment to run virtual machines (VMs) and applications.

  • Optionally connect to on-premises datacenters for a hybrid infrastructure that you control.
  • Bring your own IP addresses and DNS servers.
  • Secure connections with an IPsec VPN or ExpressRoute.

Virtual Network peering in Azure

Low-latency resource to securely connect virtual networks

Seamlessly connect virtual networks and send traffic over the Microsoft network. No public internet, gateways, or encryption needed.

  • Enforce privacy for global resources on virtual networks.
  • Include on-premises networks using Azure high-speed networking.

Azure Virtual Network NAT (Network Address Translation) gateway

Resource to simplify outbound internet connectivity for virtual networks

Route VM traffic to the internet while keeping VMs and compute resources private.

  • Automatically scale IP addresses needed for outbound connectivity.
  • Minimize impact to network bandwidth of compute resources using software-defined networking.

Azure Virtual Network Manager Preview

Service to centrally manage virtual networks

Create and manage virtual networks across regions and subscriptions from a single pane of glass.

  • Segment virtual networks to define management scope.
  • Create and manage hub-and-spoke and mesh networks.
  • Enforce security requirements.

Azure Route Server

Service for operations management of network virtual appliances

Enable network appliances to exchange route information dynamically with virtual networks.

  • Works with existing or new deployments.
  • Eliminates need to manually configure network routes for network virtual appliances, Azure ExpressRoute, and VPN gateways.

Azure Virtual Network container network interface (CNI)

Plug-in to enable containers to use virtual network capabilities

Dynamically assign IP addresses for containers and Kubernetes Pods running in a VM.

  • Connect Pods to a virtual network and its resources, other containers, and peered virtual networks.
  • Access services protected by virtual network service endpoints.

Enhance security and isolation

Run virtual machines and applications in an isolated and highly secure manner while using private IP addresses. Define subnets and policies to control access.

Rely on the global reach of Azure

Microsoft owns and operates one of the world's largest networks. By default, traffic between Azure resources stays within the Microsoft global network for optimal performance and high reliability. Improve security and reduce latency by avoiding the public internet to pass requests between virtual machines, virtual networks, databases, and other resources.

Build sophisticated network topologies

Create advanced overlay architectures on top of Azure resources and services. Run WAN optimizers, load balancers, and application firewalls in a virtual network and define traffic flows with a high degree of control.

Extend your datacenter to the cloud

Extend your on-premises IT environment to the cloud. Securely connect to a virtual network with an IPsec VPN or a private connection by using Azure ExpressRoute. Authenticate customers for secure access to an on-premises Azure Active Directory service.

Gain flexibility for building apps

Use virtual networks to combine platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) resources to reduce network complexity when building or running apps.

Manage virtual networks at scale

Reduce operational overhead by centrally managing your virtual network resources. Create and manage network security rules globally across subscriptions and regions. Manage the configurations for your entire environment from one place. Simplify deployment of configurations to test in specific regions.

Why trust Virtual Network?

Virtual Network pricing

  • No upfront cost
  • No termination fees
  • Pay for only what you use

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