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Azure Storage Explorer

Manage your Azure cloud storage resources from your desktop

Download Azure Storage Explorer today

Upload, download, and manage Azure Storage blobs, files, queues, and tables, as well as Azure Data Lake Storage entities and Azure managed disks. Configure storage permissions and access controls, tiers, and rules.


Manage your cloud storage accounts in multiple subscriptions across all Azure regions, Azure Stack, and Azure Government.


Add new features and capabilities with extensions to meet even more of your cloud storage management needs.


Take advantage of an accessible, intuitive, and feature-rich graphical user interface (GUI) for full management of cloud storage resources.


Securely access your data using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) and fine-tuned access control list (ACL) permissions.

Ease cloud storage management and boost productivity

Efficiently connect and manage your Azure storage service accounts and resources across subscriptions and organizations. Create, delete, view, edit, and manage resources for Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure managed disks.

A list of active blobs and their properties in Storage Explorer
View text data with rich formatting for JSON, view PDF documents, and browse images without having to download files to your computer.

View data effortlessly and quickly

Save time and simplify your workflow by previewing data directly in Storage Explorer. View text data with rich formatting for JSON, view PDF documents, and browse images without having to download files to your computer.

Customize with extensions

Customize Azure Storage Explorer to meet your needs. For example, use the Azure Data Factory extension to move data from other cloud storage services, such as AWS S3, to Azure Storage. Add the Azure App Configuration extension to your storage explorer to manage your application settings and feature flags in one place.

Two extensions in Storage Explorer
A user changing the visual theme in Storage Explorer

Get a powerful, accessible experience

Seamlessly view, search, and interact with your data and resources using an intuitive interface. Improved accessibility with multiple screen reader options, high contrast themes, and hot keys on Windows and macOS.

Work your way on-premises or offline

Storage Explorer lets you work disconnected from the cloud or offline with local emulators like Azurite. This flexibility helps boost your productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

A user viewing active blobs in Storage Explorer
A resource being selected to connect to Azure Storage

Tighten up data access

Use the full range of Azure security features, including role-base access control, Microsoft Entra ID, connection strings, and access control list (ACL) permissions to connect and manage your Azure resources—always over HTTPS.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Manage your data resources

Azure Blob Storage

Whether you’re storing large amounts of unstructured data, exposing data publicly, or storing application data privately, manage your resources with Storage Explorer.

Azure Data Lake Storage

Access and manage large amounts of unstructured data and other Azure entities like blobs and queues.

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