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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Deploy and scale containers on managed Kubernetes
Simplify Kubernetes operations, build cloud-native apps, and innovate with AI and open-source technology.

Deploy and manage applications at scale

  • Securely modernize and optimize Kubernetes environments with unified management, governance, and monitoring.
  • Optimize app performance at scale and increase productivity of containerized workloads from cloud to edge.
  • Use best-in-class tools and generative AI to accelerate application development and deployment.
  • Explore new scenarios by tapping into open-source solutions and innovating with AI and machine learning.

Innovate with seamless Kubernetes deployment and operation

Simplified Kubernetes experience

Automate cluster management tasks such as upgrades, node provisioning, scaling, and network configuration with Automatic mode (preview).

Curated code-to-cloud experience

End-to-end developer productivity with debugging, automated node maintenance, and continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Integrated monitoring and logging

In-depth performance and health insights of Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications.

Advanced security and governance controls

Robust identity and access management to monitor and maintain container security for governance at scale.

Cloud to edge deployments

Support for Linux, Windows Server, and IoT resources with AKS deployment on the infrastructure of your choice using Azure Arc.

Secure container supply chains

Trusted Kubernetes solutions in the Azure Marketplace with click-through deployments and flexible billing models.

Built-in security and compliance 

Microsoft has committed to investing $20 billion in cybersecurity over five years.
We employ more than 8,500 security and threat intelligence experts across 77 countries.
Azure has one of the largest compliance certification portfolios in the industry.
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Flexible, tier-based pricing to meet your different workload needs

  • Try the Automatic tier (preview) and provide feedback.
  • Use the Standard tier for all production workloads and workloads requiring long-term support.

Build intelligent apps with Kubernetes

Combine AI, cloud-scale data, and cloud-native app development to create unique digital experiences.

See how customers are innovating with Azure

Frequently asked questions

  •  Kubernetes is open-source software for deploying and managing containerized applications at scale. It orchestrates a cluster of Azure virtual machines, schedules containers, automatically manages service discovery, incorporates load balancing, tracks resource allocation, and manages the health of individual resources using automatic restart/replication. AKS is a managed service that automates provisioning, upgrading, on-demand scaling, and more.   Learn more about AKS.
  • AKS offers the quickest way to start developing and deploying cloud-native apps in Azure, datacenters, or at the edge, with built-in code-to-cloud pipelines and guardrails. As a hosted Kubernetes service, Azure handles critical tasks, like health monitoring and maintenance. You only manage and maintain the agent nodes.   Learn more.
  • AKS supports a diverse set of containerized workloads, including monoliths and microservices, stateful and stateless, and Edge and IoT use cases. You can quickly deploy packaged solutions from Microsoft partners to AKS with Kubernetes apps in the Azure Marketplace to get up and running faster.   Learn more about Kubernetes apps.
  • AKS can run in on-premises datacenters or in edge environments, such as a retail store or branch office. Azure Kubernetes Service is enabled by Azure Arc and can be deployed on Azure Stack HCI and on both Windows Server 2019 and 2022 Datacenter. These flexible deployment options are enabled by Azure Arc and make it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows containers in your datacenter or edge locations.   Learn more about hybrid AKS.
  • AKS relies on the releases and patches from Kubernetes, an open-source project that supports a sliding window of three minor versions. The Free and Standard tiers of AKS can only guarantee full support while those versions are being serviced. AKS also provides a long-term support (LTS) version of Kubernetes for a two-year period as part of our Premium tier.   Learn more about LTS.
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