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Azure Spending Limit

Use Azure with peace of mind

To protect you from accidentally incurring charges for usage beyond the included offer amount, we have introduced the Spending Limit feature. All new customers that sign up for the trial offer or one of our member offers (e.g., Monthly Credit for Visual Studio subscribers) will now, by default, have a Spending Limit of $0.

When your usage exhausts the monthly amounts included in your offer, we will disable your service for the remainder of that billing month, which includes removing any hosted services that you may have deployed. The data in your storage accounts and databases will be accessible in a read-only manner. At the beginning of the next billing month if you are on one of our member offers, your subscription will be re-enabled and you can re-deploy your hosted service(s) and have full access to your storage accounts and databases. If you are on our free trial, you have the ability at any time within 90 days after your hitting your spending limit to re-enable your subscription and have it automatically upgrade to our standard Pay-As-You-Go offer.

You will receive notifications once you hit the spending limit for your offer. When you log in to the Azure website and click Accounts, you can click Subscriptions and you will see notifications about subscriptions that have reached the Spending Limit.

You can remove the Spending Limit at any time. For our member benefit offers (e.g., Monthly Credit for Visual Studio subscribers), you do have the ability to have the Spending Limit feature re-enabled at the beginning of your next billing cycle. You should also remove the Spending Limit on any subscription that has applications that you cannot afford to go offline.

The following is how you can remove your Spending Limit:

  1. Log in to the Azure Account Center
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Select a subscription e.g. Subscription 1

If the subscription has been disabled due to the Spending Limit being reached, click this notification: "Subscription reached the Spending Limit and has been disabled to prevent charges." Otherwise, click "Remove spending limit" in the Tasks area.