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Explore flexible purchasing options for Azure

Choose the Azure purchase options that work best for your organization

Purchase directly from Microsoft

Get the same pay-as-you-go pricing through the Azure website or through an Azure sales specialist. Purchasing direct means that you:

  • Manage your Azure environment yourself—or get help from a partner.
  • Receive a monthly bill.
  • Have the option to choose an Azure support plan.

Through the Azure website

Get started with Azure right away.

Through an Azure sales specialist

Get help getting started with Azure.

Enlist an Azure partner for a managed cloud solution

Work with a partner for complete, managed cloud solutions for Azure. Partners help you:

  • Provision, deploy, and manage Azure services.
  • Customize a billing plan that meets your business needs.
  • Optimize costs and get the support you need.

Learn more about Azure pricing.

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