StorSimple Solution Pricing


The total cost for a StorSimple appliance consists of the monthly subscription fee, the Azure Blob storage capacity and access charges, and data transfer charges that vary according to usage.

The StorSimple subscription fee varies based on the appliance model. It is metered at a daily rate for every day that the appliance is registered with the Azure StorSimple manager service. To discontinue the service and stop getting charged, decommission the appliance from the management service.

Pricing details

Model Daily rate Monthly rate (31-day months)
Virtual appliance—1200 $- $-
Cloud array 8010 or 8020 $- $-
Physical appliance—8100 $- $-
Physical appliance—8600 $- $-

The cost of the virtual appliance is prorated daily and starts once it is activated through Azure. The subscription meter will stop when the device is deactivated from the Azure portal. Simply, turning a device off does not stop the meter; it must be deactivated.

If you purchased your StorSimple appliance under the Azure Storage Acceleration Program, you will continue to be charged under the old pricing model (a monthly StorSimple Management fee of $0.034 per GB per month, applicable only for 8000 series appliances). The original deadline for migrating to the new subscription plan in June 2020 has been extended to December 2021. However, you still have the option to move to the new subscription-based model (shown above) at any time. Please contact your account representative if you have any questions or want to migrate to the new pricing model.

All customers will be migrated to the new pricing model in December 2021. We strongly recommend customers to start planning for migration as StorSimple reaches the end of support in December 2022.

StorSimple Data Manager

The StorSimple Data Manager allows you to seamlessly access StorSimple data in the cloud. This service provides APIs to extract data from StorSimple and present it to other Azure services in formats that can be readily consumed. The formats supported initially are Azure blobs, Azure Files and Azure Media Services assets. This enables you to easily wire up workflows where you can use data stored on StorSimple 8000 series devices with Azure Media Services, Azure HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Search.

Pricing for StorSimple Data Manager is based on the number of data transformation jobs run and how much data is transformed.

Data Transformation (per Job) $-
Data Transformation (per GB) $-

Acquiring a StorSimple appliance

The SVA 1200 can be acquired and downloaded for free by all Azure customers. After the appliance is registered with the service, the daily meter will apply.

The Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 series hybrid storage arrays can only be purchased through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. To acquire StorSimple hardware, the customer must commit to StorSimple subscription usage until their next Enterprise Agreement anniversary or the expiration of the Enterprise Agreement.


At the anniversary of their Enterprise Agreement, a customer can purchase a StorSimple 8100 Subscription Plan for one year at the daily rate of $-. 365 days × $- daily rate = $-. That will give the customer entitlements to use the appliance for one year, and the hardware will be sent at no additional cost.

If the customer wants to get an appliance mid-term, they can purchase the plan for the remaining months. At the Enterprise Agreement anniversary date, the customer has a choice to renew the plan or switch to pay-as-you-go. If the customer does not purchase the subscription plan, Azure meter will go against Azure Monetary commit or overage. The price is the same with the plan or pay-as-you-go. Pay-as-you-go has the flexibility of stopping at any time.

StorSimple permanently transfers physical hardware devices to the customer. The customer does not need to return the hardware if they discontinue service.

The StorSimple Cloud Appliances (SCA 8010/8020) can only be installed as companion devices to 8000-series physical devices. A customer must acquire and register a physical appliance to use a StorSimple Cloud Appliance.

Underlying Storage and Networking Fees with StorSimple

StorSimple uses a customer’s storage account to store data. There is a blob storage capacity charge as well as storage access fees and network egress associated with using a storage account.

Understanding how StorSimple manages your data will help you understand how the storage account will be billed. StorSimple breaks block data down into smaller chunks for deduplication. Breaking down cloud data into smaller chunks for deduplication can result in lower cloud consumption and better performance, but it also leads to higher numbers of transactions. The default StorSimple chunk size is 64 KB, and customers can increase the size to 512 KB for archive volumes that are less likely to benefit from the smaller deduplication size.

There are three Azure Storage Account types available for use with StorSimple — General Purpose Account V1 and General Purpose Account V2 and Blob Storage Account.

Type of Meter Description
StorSimple daily fee Depends on the model, and is charged for every day that appliance is active.
Blob Storage capacity This is the Storage Account fee for data at rest in Azure after dedupe and compression. The rates differ based on the redundancy options (LRS, ZRS, GRS, and RA-GRS) and access tiers (hot or cool).
Blob Storage access costs
  • Operations
  • Read/Write
  • Replication
Outbound data transfer The networking fee for downloading data from Azure.
Virtual Machines and Standard Managed Disks If you use StorSimple cloud array, you will be charged for the underlying virtual machine (VM) and storage disks in addition to all the charges above.
  • Model 8010—Linux Standard_A3 VM, 4 x 1 TB Standard Managed Disks (S30) for each VM
  • Model 8020—Linux Standard_DS3 VM, 4 x 1 TB Standard Managed Disks (S30) for each VM

Support & SLA

All StorSimple subscription plans include software and service support as well as standard hardware support at no additional cost. Azure customers who have a premier Azure support contract automatically get upgraded to premium hardware support. Non-premier customers can upgrade to premium hardware support for an annual fee of $2000.

Learn more about StorSimple support plans.


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