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Microsoft Fabric pricing

Microsoft Fabric pricing overview

Reshape how everyone accesses, manages, and acts on data and insights by bringing every data source and analytics service together—on a single, AI-powered platform.

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Prices are estimates only and are not intended as actual price quotes. Actual pricing may vary depending on the type of agreement entered with Microsoft, date of purchase, and the currency exchange rate. Prices are calculated based on US dollars and converted using London closing spot rates that are captured in the two business days prior to the last business day of the previous month end. If the two business days prior to the end of the month fall on a bank holiday in major markets, the rate setting day is generally the day immediately preceding the two business days. This rate applies to all transactions during the upcoming month. Sign in to the Azure pricing calculator to see pricing based on your current program/offer with Microsoft. Contact an Azure sales specialist for more information on pricing or to request a price quote. See frequently asked questions about Azure pricing.

Microsoft Fabric Capacity (Pay-as-you-go or Reservation)

Get a shared pool of capacity that powers all capabilities in Microsoft Fabric, from data modeling and data warehousing to business intelligence and AI experiences (one minute minimum).

The benefits of Fabric Capacity:

  • Simplified purchasing with a single pool of compute for every workload.
  • The ability to use the same set of Capacity Units (CUs) wherever you have the need without pre-allocating capacity.
  • All CUs are pooled and are not locked in an idle workload to reduce costs.
  • Transparent monitoring through a centralized dashboard to monitor usage and costs.

Learn more about Fabric capacity reservation.

SKU Capacity unit (CU) Pay-as-you-go Reservation
F 2 2 $- $-
F 4 4 $- $-
F 8 8 $- $-
F 16 16 $- $-
F 32 32 $- $-
F 64 64 $- $-
F 128 128 $- $-
F 256 256 $- $-
F 512 512 $- $-
F 1024 1024 $- $-
F 2048 2048 $- $-

OneLake Storage

A single place to store all data.

The benefits of OneLake storage:

  • Simplified purchasing with automatically provisioned single storage service for all workloads.***
  • A single copy of data across all the analytical engines of Fabric without moving or duplicating data.
  • The ability to link your existing third-party storage systems natively and make them available to Microsoft Fabric analytics workloads.
  • Open data formats that democratize access to multiple analytical engines, reducing additional resources needed to set up.
  • Persistent security means all data and governance tools are accessible in one place, helping reduce maintenance overhead.
Storage Price
OneLake storage/month** $- per GB
OneLake BCDR storage/month $- per GB
OneLake cache/month* $- per GB

*OneLake cache is billed for KQL cache storage and Data Activator data retained.

**When a workspace associated with Fabric capacities is deleted, customers will be charged for OneLake storage of the deleted workspace during its retention period. The retention period for all collaborative workspaces, including those associated with Fabric capacities, will be configurable from 7 to 90 days.

***Power BI native storage (separate from OneLake storage) continues to be free up to the maximum storage correlated with your Power BI plan and data stored in OneLake for Power BI import semantic models is included in the price of your Power BI licensing.


Mirroring provides a modern way of accessing and ingesting data continuously and seamlessly from databases or data warehouses by replicating a snapshot of the database to OneLake and continually keeping the replica in sync in near real time. Enjoy free Mirroring storage for replicas up to a certain limit based on the purchased compute capacity SKU you provision. For example, if you purchase F64, you would get 64 free terabytes worth of storage. OneLake storage is billed only when the free Mirroring storage limit is exceeded, or the provisioned compute capacity is paused.***

Capacity SKU Free Mirroring storage for replicas (up to X TB)
F 2 2
F 4 4
F 8 8
F 16 16
F 32 32
F 64 / P1 64
F 128 / P2 128
F 256 / P3 256
F 512 / P4 512
F 1024 / P5 1024
F 2048 2048

***The free Mirroring storage can only be used for storing Mirroring replica data—no other data. Free Mirroring storage is also only for purchased capacities; it does not come with the Fabric free trial.


Networking billing is coming soon. We will provide at least 90 days of notice before we start billing and provide information on pricing, timeline, and usage monitoring. Networking billing will apply to data transfer network charges based on the source/destination of each storage access. Learn more about Bandwidth pricing.

Important feature of Fabric


Fabric runs smoothing on all capacities when small usage bursts occur, flattening compute usage over time to help you avoid being penalized with additional cost.

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Review technical tutorials, videos, and more Microsoft Fabric resources.

  • Capacity units (CUs) are units of measure representing a pool of compute power. Compute power is required to run all queries, jobs, or tasks in Fabric.
  • CUs are used when running capabilities in Fabric. Consumption is highly correlated to underlying compute effort needed for the tasks performed.

    Each capability and the associated queries, jobs, or tasks have a unique consumption rate.

  • Yes, fabric capacity is an Azure SKU, so customers are eligible to draw down from their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).
  • Fabric capacities and Power BI Premium capacities offer two purchasing options for you to get access to the complete range of Microsoft Fabric capabilities. All Power BI Premium capacities are automatically upgraded to support all the Fabric workloads.

    However, if you need additional capacity, you can purchase Fabric capacities which are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you can scale them up and down dynamically and even pause them completely with no usage commitment.

  • The Power BI Pro license requirements for Power BI Premium per capacity extend to Fabric capacity. Power BI report publishers and consumers will still need a Power BI Pro license. However, with an F64 – a Premium P1 equivalent – or larger capacities, Power BI report consumers do not require a Power BI Pro license.

    For non-Power BI publishing activities, no Power BI Pro license is required. This means users can use pipelines, create data warehouses, use notebooks, and manage their capacities without a Power BI Pro license.

  • Power BI native storage is separate from OneLake storage and continues to be free up to the maximum storage correlated with your Power BI plan—10 GB per user for Power BI Pro plans and 100 TB for Power BI Premium per user. Data stored in OneLake for Power BI import semantic models is included in the price of your Power BI licensing.

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