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Azure Purview pricing

Maximize business value with unified data governance

Azure Purview is a unified data governance service that helps you maximize business value of hybrid data. Purview Data Map enables you to automate scanning and classify data at scale. Purview Data Catalog enables self-serve data discovery to accelerate BI, Analytics, AI and ML.

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Azure Purview Data Map

The foundation for data governance, Data Map unifies your on-premises, multicloud and SaaS data sources. Data Map extracts metadata, lineage and classifications from existing data stores and enables you to enrich your understanding with the help of classifiers at cloud scale classify data using 100+ built-in classifiers and your own custom classifiers. With Purview Data Map, organizations can centrally manage, publish and inventory metadata at cloud scale and further extend using Atlas Apache open APIs.

Capacity Unit $- per 1 Capacity Unit Hour
Provisioned API throughput. 1 capacity unit = 1 API/sec
Metadata Storage Free in preview

Scanning and Classification

For Power BI online Free in preview
For SQL Server on-prem Free in preview
For other data sources $- per 1 vCore Hour

Note: Azure Purview provisions a storage account and an Azure Event Hubs account as managed resources. This may incur separate charges that in most cases will not exceed 2% of charges for scanning. Refer to the Managed Resources section in the Azure portal within Azure Purview Resource JSON.

Note: Customers using Azure Purview to manage Amazon AWS S3 data may face additional charges as part of their Amazon AWS billing due to data transfers and API calls. This charge varies by region. Refer to the Billing and Management console within the AWS Management Console to view the charges.

Azure Purview Data Catalog

Maximize business value of data with Azure Purview Data Catalog delivering trusted and accurate data to your data consumers. Purview Data Catalog offers features such as semantic search and browse, business glossary and visual lineage making it easy to find, interpret and trust hybrid data.

Free Included with the Data Map
Search and browse of data assets
C1 Free in preview
Business glossary, lineage visualization and catalog insights
D0 Free in preview
Sensitive data identification insights

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Frequently asked questions

  • While in preview, you will only be charged for Purview Data Map capacity units and scanning. Data Map metadata storage and the Data Catalog are free in preview. To begin using Azure Purview, you will need to provision the Data Map. The Data Map is charged per capacity unit and metadata storage. You will be charged for the Data Map once you provision the Data Map until you deprovision your Azure Purview instance. While in preview, metadata storage is free. Scanning is charged per serverless vCore-hour. While in preview, scanning of select Power BI and SQL Server assets are free. Please see the following FAQs for more details. While in preview, the Data Catalog is free. Data Catalog pricing will be announced at a future date.
  • You will only pay per vCore-hour of scanning that you consume. Consumption is rounded up to the nearest minute. While in preview, scanning of Power BI and SQL Server assets are free. For more details, please refer below. There are no incremental charges for connectors to different data stores.
  • While in preview, Azure Purview will have free scanning and classification for on-premises SQL Server that can be connected to Azure Purview through the scanning and classification run-time hosted on-premises. All other SQL Servers using the cloud run-time are not covered under this free scanning.
  • While in preview, Azure Purview will have free scanning and classification for Power BI online tenants with administrative APIs enabled for use by Azure Purview. Power BI Premium on-premises is not supported in Preview.
  • The Data Map is a map of data assets, associated metadata and lineage connecting data assets. A capacity unit is a provisioned set of resources to keep your Data Map up and running. One capacity unit is able to support approximately 1 API call per second. This capacity is used by user experiences in Azure Purview Studio or Apache Atlas APIs.
  • The Data Map stores the business & technical metadata and lineage associated with data assets in a searchable graph format. Searchable graph storage in GB is the metadata storage. Metadata storage up to 3 GB per Data Map capacity unit is free in Preview. Pricing will be announced at a future date.
  • While in preview, you can provision a Data Map with capacity unit count of either 4 or 16. Data Map metadata storage is limited to a max of 3 GB per capacity unit. While in Preview, the capacity of the Data Map cannot be changed after provisioning.

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