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App Service pricing

Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile

App Service brings together everything you need to create websites, web APIs for any platform or device. Our Free and Shared (preview) plans are ideal for testing applications in a managed Azure environment. Basic, Standard and Premium plans are for production workloads and run on dedicated Virtual Machine instances. Each instance can support multiple applications and domains. The Isolated plans host your apps in a private, dedicated Azure environment and are ideal for apps that require secure connections with your on-premise network. And now in preview, you can run Linux Web Apps on pre-provisioned Kubernetes clusters in Azure Kubernetes Service or on Arc-enabled clusters on-premises and in other clouds.

Explore pricing options

  • Pay as you go

    Pay for compute capacity by the second, with no long-term commitments or upfront payments. Increase or decrease consumption on demand.

  • Azure savings plan for compute

    Save money across select compute services globally by committing to spend a fixed hourly amount for 1 or 3 years, unlocking lower prices until you reach your hourly commitment. Suited for dynamic workloads while accommodating for planned or unplanned changes.

  • Reservations

    Receive a discount on Azure services by purchasing a reservation, which is a one-year or three-year agreement to use a specific instance of a service.

Apply filters to customize pricing options to your needs.

Prices are estimates only and are not intended as actual price quotes. Actual pricing may vary depending on the type of agreement entered with Microsoft, date of purchase, and the currency exchange rate. Prices are calculated based on US dollars and converted using London closing spot rates that are captured in the two business days prior to the last business day of the previous month end. If the two business days prior to the end of the month fall on a bank holiday in major markets, the rate setting day is generally the day immediately preceding the two business days. This rate applies to all transactions during the upcoming month. Sign in to the Azure pricing calculator to see pricing based on your current program/offer with Microsoft. Contact an Azure sales specialist for more information on pricing or to request a price quote. See frequently asked questions about Azure pricing.

Usage Tiers Free Try for free Shared Environment for dev/test Basic Dedicated environment for dev/test Standard Run production workloads Premium Enhanced performance and scale Isolated High-Performance, Security and Isolation
Web, mobile, or API apps 10 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk space 1 GB 1 GB 10 GB 50 GB 250 GB 1 TB
Maximum instances Up to 3 Up to 10 Up to 30* Up to 100
Custom domain Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Auto Scale Supported Supported Supported
Hybrid Connectivity Supported Supported Supported Supported
Virtual Network Connectivity Supported Supported Supported Supported
Private Endpoints Supported Supported Supported Supported
Compute Type Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Isolated
Pay as you go price Free $- $- $- $- $-

Free and Shared

The Free and Shared (preview) service plans are base tiers that run on the same Azure VMs as other apps. Some apps may belong to other customers. These tiers are intended to be used only for development and testing purposes. There is no SLA provided for Free and Shared service plans. Free and Shared plans are metered on a per App basis.

Price for Shared (preview) plan reflects a preview discount.

Free Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go
(60 CPU minutes / day)
1 GB 1.00 GB $-
(240 CPU minutes / day)
1 GB 1.00 GB $-
per site

Basic Service Plan

The Basic service plan is designed for apps that have lower traffic requirements, and don't need advanced auto scale and traffic management features. Pricing is based on the size and number of instances you run. Built-in network load balancing support automatically distributes traffic across instances. The Basic service plan with Linux runtime environments supports Web App for Containers.

Basic Service Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go
B1 1 1.75 GB 10 GB $-
B2 2 3.50 GB 10 GB $-
B3 4 7 GB 10 GB $-

Standard Service Plan

The Standard service plan is designed for running production workloads. Pricing is based on the size and number of instances you run. Built-in network load balancing support automatically distributes traffic across instances. The Standard plan includes auto scale that can automatically adjust the number of virtual machine instances running to match your traffic needs. The Standard service plan with Linux runtime environments supports Web App for Containers.

Standard Service Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go
S1 1 1.75 GB 50 GB $-
S2 2 3.50 GB 50 GB $-
S3 4 7 GB 50 GB $-

Premium v2 Service Plan

The Premium service plan is designed to provide enhanced performance for production apps. The upgraded Premium plan, Premium v2, features Dv2-series VMs with faster processors, SSD storage, and double memory-to-core ratio compared to Standard. The new Premium plan also supports higher scale via increased instance count while still providing all the advanced capabilities found in the Standard plan. The first generation of Premium plan is still available for existing customers’ scaling needs.

Premium v2 Service Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go
P1v2 1 3.50 GB 250 GB $-
P2v2 2 7 GB 250 GB $-
P3v2 4 14 GB 250 GB $-

Premium v3 Service Plan

Our upgraded Premium plan, Premium v3, features faster processors, Hyper-V virtualization and support for VNet connectivity. The new Premium plan supports both containers - including generally available Windows Containers support - and code-based deployments and provides higher scale via increased vCPU, memory and instance counts. Prior generations of our Premium plan are still available for existing customers’ scaling needs.

Details on how to configure an application for PremiumV3.

More information regarding selecting an App Service deployment that supports PremiumV3.

Premium v3 Service Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go 1 year savings plan * 3 year savings plan* 1 year reserved 3 year reserved
P0v3 1 4 GB 250 GB $- $-
P1v3 2 8 GB 250 GB $- $-
P1mv3 2 16 GB 250 GB $- $-
P2v3 4 16 GB 250 GB $- $-
P2mv3 4 32 GB 250 GB $- $-
P3v3 8 32 GB 250 GB $- $-
P3mv3 8 64 GB 250 GB $- $-
P4mv3 16 128 GB 250 GB $- $-
P5mv3 32 256 GB 250 GB $- $-

*At launch of Azure savings plan for compute, the 3-year and 1-year savings plans will have a temporary price reduction for the Windows version of our Premium v3 plans. On January 1, 2023, the price will increase to the normal savings plan pricing. The pricing for Linux will not change. See the expected pricing as of January 1, 2023.

Isolated Service Plan

The Isolated service plan is designed to run mission critical workloads, that are required to run in a virtual network. The Isolated plan allows customers to run their apps in a private, dedicated environment in an Azure datacenter. The private environment used with an Isolated plan is called the App Service Environment v2. The plan can scale to 100 instances. You can find more details on the Isolated plan and App Service Environment v2. In addition to the price per Isolated plan instance there is also a flat Stamp Fee for each App Service Environment of $-/hour(~$-/month).

Isolated Service Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go
I1 1 3.50 GB 1 TB $-
I2 2 7 GB 1 TB $-
I3 4 14 GB 1 TB $-

Isolated v2 Service Plan

Our upgraded Isolated plan, Isolated v2, has been optimized for workloads requiring resource isolation, maximum scalability, and advanced networking features. Isolated v2 allows customers to run their apps in a private, dedicated environment in an Azure datacenter. Isolated v2 plans have significant faster scaling times and can scale to 100 instances with a total of 200 instances across plans. The private environment used with an Isolated v2 plan is called the App Service Environment v3, a single tenant install of Azure App Service that runs in your virtual network with no public internet dependencies and simplified networking configuration experience. An App Service Environment v3 has the option of running in zone redundant mode across Availability Zones within a region. With Isolated v2 we have also eliminated the Stamp Fee and introduced one and three year Reserved Instance pricing - see billing documentation for more details.

Isolated v2 Service Plan Cores RAM Storage Pay as you go 1 year savings plan 3 year savings plan 1 year reserved 3 year reserved
I1v2 2 8 GB 1 TB $- $-
I2v2 4 16 GB 1 TB $- $-
I3v2 8 32 GB 1 TB $- $-
I4v2 16 64 GB 1 TB $- $-
I5v2 32 128 GB 1 TB $- $-
I6v2 64 256 GB 1 TB $- $-

Dev/Test pricing available

Available for Visual Studio subscribers looking to run development and testing workloads, individually or as a team, the dev/test offer is billed at the same rate as Azure Hybrid Benefit pricing, with savings of up to 55% on License Included prices. Dev/Test rates are available on Windows App Service Basic, Standard and now Premium v2 and Premium v3.

App Service Domain

Customers can purchase custom domains and assign them to their Azure services like Web Apps  or Azure Virtual machines. Custom domains can be managed within the Azure portal. The top level domains that will be available are com, net,, org, nl, in, biz,, and To learn more, see How to buy a domain.

App Service Domain Custom Domain
Price $11.99 per year (Privacy Protection included)

Azure App Service Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates for custom domains is available on Basic, Standard, and Premium service plans. SSL Certificates enables secure connections (https://) to your custom domain Website.

Azure App Service customers can now purchase SSL Certificates to use with variety of apps. You can purchase Standard SSL Certificates or Wildcard SSL Certificates for the rates below. Both the SSL Certificates types have 1-year validity period, which can be set for auto-renewal upon purchase.

Managed Certificates is currently in Public Preview. Naked domains are not supported. Only issuing standard certificates (wildcard certificates are not available), and limited to only one free certificate per custom domain.

Azure App Service Certificates App Service Managed Certificates Standard SSL Certificate Wildcard SSL Certificate
Price Free $69.99/ year /1-year validity $299.99/ year /1-year validity

SSL Connections

Azure App Service supports two types of SSL connections: Server Name Indication (SNI) SSL Connections and IP Address SSL Connections. SNI-based SSL works on modern browsers while IP-based SSL works on all browsers.

There is no charge to use SNI-based SSL. Standard and Premium service plans include the right to use one IP SSL at no additional charge per App Service Plan. Free and shared service plans do not support SSL. You can purchase the right to use additional SSL connections for the rates below. In all cases the SSL certificate itself must be purchased separately.

SSL Connections SNI SSL IP SSL
Price $0/ month* /certificate** supported $39/ month* /certificate** supported
Browser compatibility Modern browsers All browsers

* Billing for SSL Connections is prorated hourly. Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage per month.

** Per certificate is assessed based on certificate thumbprint.

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  • Yes. Rates listed apply to apps in stopped state. Please delete apps that are not in use or update tier to Free to avoid charges.

  • Yes, App Service (using domain) provides SSL connections for all URLs under the '' domain at no additional charge. Securely access your Website at https://{mysite}

  • No. SSL Connections for custom domains enables the ability to add your own SSL certificate for use with App / website. Both self-signed and third-party certificate authority certificates are supported.

  • Yes. However, please note that SSL Connections for each certificate is billed separately. We also support SAN/UC certificates, which allow you to secure multiple domains with a single SSL certificate.

  • App Service offerings include access to a free 20mb SQL database for 12 months. After 12 months, the free SQL Database converts to a paid basic SQL subscription. If you choose not to use SQL with App Service then the paid basic subscription is not required after 12 months.

  • Except for Free tier, an App Service plan carries a charge on the compute resources it uses. In the Shared tier, each app receives a quota of CPU minutes, so each app is charged for the CPU quota. In the dedicated compute tiers (Basic, Standard, Premium, PremiumV2, PremiumV3), the App Service plan defines the number of VM instances the apps are scaled to, so each VM instance in the App Service plan is charged. These VM instances are charged the same regardless how many apps are running on them. To avoid unexpected charges, see Clean up an App Service plan. In the Isolated tier, the App Service Environment defines the number of isolated workers that run your apps, and each worker is charged. In addition, there's a flat Stamp Fee for the running the App Service Environment itself.

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