By leveraging the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Suite, Magenic can convert all of your business assets into smart devices with embedded sensors. This allows you to collect and share data to gain new insights that can transform your business. The cloud-based offering comes with preconfigured solutions that address common IoT scenarios so you can immediately analyze previously untapped data on how your assets perform.

Your specific “things” can be any assets producing data that would help your business function more efficiently. We can help you design and launch a new IoT or expand upon how you currently use the IoT—through Microsoft Azure services built on the flexible and scalable Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Key Business Innovation Capabilities of the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite:
• Connect devices and automate business processes by making use of untapped data across your business
• Monitor asset performance to improve efficiencies and drive operational performance
• Leverage advanced data analytics to develop new business models and new revenue streams
• Accelerate broader IoT deployments to jump ahead of your competition through preconfigured solutions

Magenic: Your Microsoft Azure IoT Red Carpet Partner

Magenic is a Microsoft Azure IoT Red Carpet Partner—a new, invitation-only Microsoft program limited to a select few Microsoft partners. Through this program, Magenic receives special support services from Microsoft that include funded training, tools, and services. This enables us to more effectively design, deploy, and support Azure IoT innovations for your business in conjunction with our other system integration, consulting, and support solutions.

To earn the designation as an Azure IoT Red Carpet Partner, Magenic demonstrated high-level expertise and innovation in leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform. We were nominated to participate in recognition of our industry leadership and successful engagements with customers. And by using the “Red Carpet” program benefits provided by Microsoft, we can serve customers of all sizes in meeting cloud and IoT needs—while also providing the best resources and insight possible.

Contact us today to find out how the Azure IoT Suite can help your business move faster, do more, save money, and capture all the benefits of the Internet of Things. It’s time to transform your business!

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