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Customers need to reduce their capital expenses and minimize the endless addition of servers, storage and IT infrastructure to support business demands. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a scalable and flexible platform to provide a server infrastructure on-demand without investing in hardware or software.
The Deploying Virtual Servers in Microsoft Azure engagement will assist customers with the planning, designing and piloting of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service. The offering has different durations depending on the topics and features that are configured. The customer chooses whether this is a full production-ready environment or a Proof of Concept deployment. The Deploying Virtual Servers in Microsoft Azure engagement will assist in providing best practices and knowledge transfer in demonstrating the best way to maximize the benefits of utilizing Microsoft Azure.

The Deploying Virtual Servers in Microsoft Azure engagement will accomplish:
• Planning and Designing a Microsoft Azure IaaS Tenant
• Building the Network, Storage and Cloud within Azure
• Configuring Authentication based on best practices and application requirements
• Assisting in configuring either Point-to-Site or a Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network
• Deploying Virtual Servers for Production, Test or Development
• Demonstrating how to migrate current Hyper-V guests to Azure

Benefits for the Customer
• CDW consultants have a great deal of experience assisting, designing and configuring Azure.
• Get started quickly to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure
• Gain knowledge and insights on the best use of Azure according to your business goals and requirements
• Leverage Azure to deploy a test and development environment with little to no capital investment.
• Learn how other customers are using Azure to cut costs and be more agile.

Effort Required
• A typical Deploying Virtual Servers in Microsoft Azure engagement is two weeks in duration with an experienced CDW Consultant. CDW will also provide a Project Manager to ensure your goals are accomplished within CDW’s estimated fee.
• Customers should expect to provide a staff person(s) for contributing to the initial Planning and Design session. Though CDW strongly encourages participation for knowledge transfer, best practices and project hand-off.

Next Steps
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