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Azure IoT

Quickly turn your vision into reality with secure, scalable, and open edge-to-cloud Internet of Things solutions.

Explore the benefits of Azure IoT

Azure IoT provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of services and capabilities that meets you where you are, from the edge to the cloud, according to your needs and with the requirements from your industry.

Simple tools, simple templates, simply open source.

The open approach of Azure IoT places ease of development and integration at the forefront. Connect, monitor, and control billions of devices on your terms by choosing to develop with speed and simplicity on a fully managed application platform, or build more flexible solutions using robust platform services.

Build and ship apps faster modern application development.

Trust that your data estate is secured from endpoints to the cloud.

Partner with the most proactive leader in IoT security, with the largest portfolio of regulatory and compliance certifications in the industry, and maintain control of IoT data, devices, and applications. Change security from the thing that keeps you up at night to a strength that can differentiate your products or services from the competition.

Unlock new revenue streams and opportunities through continuously enhanced data, AI, and analytics solutions.

Innovation is a journey without end. Microsoft’s bold commitment to sustainability allows you to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems without complexity and resource constraints slowing down your business outcomes.

Spend less time communicating with the cloud and operate more reliably even in extended offline periods with Azure IoT Edge. Deploy complex, high-value AI without writing it in house. AI modules are available via the Azure Marketplace, and Azure Certified Device catalog makes it easy to find devices with advanced edge capabilities to quickly provision and deploy at scale.

Unlock the largest IoT partner ecosystem to scale from proof of concept to global solutions wherever and whenever you’re ready.

With datacenters in more global regions, the largest compliance portfolio of any cloud provider, and a bold commitment to sustainability, you don’t need to choose between quantity and quality when you build IoT solutions on Azure.

What is Azure IoT?

Internet of Things or IoT refers to a collection of managed and platform services across edge and cloud that connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets. It also includes security and operating systems for devices and equipment, along with data and analytics that help businesses to build, deploy, and manage IoT applications. When discussing the Internet of Things, we consider how these services work together across three components:


The physical objects, or things, such as industrial equipment, devices, or sensors, that connect to the cloud persistently or intermittently.


Information collected by the things, which is analyzed and turned into actionable knowledge either by people or AI.


The way people respond to those insights and connect them to their business, as well as the systems and tools they use.

Cloud and edge computing are coming together as never before, leading to huge opportunities for developers and businesses around the world. Digital twins, mixed reality, and autonomous systems are at the core of a massive wave of innovation from which our customers are already benefitting.

Find the right IoT approach for your business

Accelerate time to market by starting your IoT project on the right path. Develop with choice based on your organizational needs, resources, and objectives.

Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twins provide the building blocks for companies to construct customized solutions for complex IoT scenarios. This solution is the right fit for businesses with cloud solution and device expertise, and align with:

  • Management

    I want full control over the underlying services of my solution, including taking ownership for managing and scaling to meet my needs, and leveraging my in-house or partner-driven expertise to onboard devices and services.

  • Control

    My business requires total customization and control over the solution architecture.

  • Pricing

    I want to fine-tune services to control my overall cost.

Azure IoT Hub

Enable highly secure and reliable communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages. Azure IoT Hub provides a cloud-hosted solution back end to connect virtually any device.

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Azure Digital Twins

Gain insights that help you drive better products, optimize operations and costs, and create breakthrough customer experiences. Apply your domain expertise on top of Azure Digital Twins to build connected solutions.

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Get an Azure IoT Certification

Become certified as an Azure IoT developer and discover the power of Azure IoT products with step-by-step guidance. Start your journey today by exploring our learning paths and modules.

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Azure IoT Central enables companies to get started quickly building IoT applications with a fully managed IoT solution offering. This solution is right for businesses that don’t wish to dedicate extensive resources to system architecture, and align with:

  • Management

    I want to take advantage of an app platform that will handle the scale, security, and management of my IoT applications and devices.

  • Control

    I want to customize branding, dashboard structure, user roles, devices, and my own telemetry, but I don’t want to handle the underlying IoT system management or overhead.

  • Pricing

    I need a simple, predictable pricing structure.

Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is highly secure, scales with your business as it grows, ensures your investments are repeatable, and integrates with your existing business apps.

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IoT Central app templates

Ready to build? Get ahead in your market and transform your business with our growing selection of IoT app templates for common industry scenarios.

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Get an Azure IoT Certification

Become certified as an Azure IoT developer and discover the power of Azure IoT products with step-by-step guidance. Start your journey today by exploring our learning paths and modules.

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Tap into the most expansive and fastest-growing partner ecosystem in the IoT space. The Azure IoT partner network lets customers choose a fully managed or finished solution, as well as the expertise and resources to help approximate costs for new solutions.

IoT applications

Find the right app for your business needs. Get solutions tailored to your industry that work with the products you already use.

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IoT providers

Find a provider that can help integrate customized IoT solutions with your existing systems.

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Find a certified device

Azure Certified Device program enables device builders and OEM partners to certify IoT devices and list them on the Azure Certified Device catalog.

View Azure certified devices

Learn more about Azure IoT for your industry

Learn more about Azure IoT products and services

Connectivity and analytics

Azure IoT Hub

Connect, manage, and scale billions of IoT devices from the edge to the cloud.

Connectivity and analytics

Azure IoT Central

Accelerate the creation of IoT solutions, and reduce the burden and cost of IoT management, operations, and development.

Edge and device support

Azure Percept

Accelerate edge intelligence from silicon to service.

Connectivity and analytics

Azure Digital Twins

Build next-generation IoT spatial intelligence solutions by replicating real physical spaces and creating connected environments.

Edge and device support

Azure IoT Edge

Extend cloud intelligence and analytics by moving workloads and business logic from the cloud to edge devices.

Edge and device support

Azure Sphere

Securely connect MCU-powered devices from the silicon to the cloud.

Edge and device support

Windows IoT

Long term OS support and services to manage devices.

Edge and device support

Azure RTOS

Making embedded IoT development and connectivity easy.

Learn how Azure IoT works for specific use-case scenarios

Condition Monitoring for Industrial IoT

Achieve operational excellence across your processes. Use IoT to monitor the integrity of your equipment to avoid critical and costly downtime.

Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

Improve the efficiency of your equipment, anticipate outages and ensure production uptime, while reducing the costs by optimizing production.

Create a safe building

Build confidence by letting your employees and customers know that you’re focused on their health and safety as you resume onsite operations with safer workspaces.

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Customers are doing great things with Azure IoT

"When it came to developing RxWell, our new public-health-based, data-driven program that's specifically designed to give our customers the peace of mind that they can safely return to the workplace, Microsoft was the only company that could meet our comprehensive data, analytics and security needs."

Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO, RXR Realty

"By using Azure Digital Twins to support iTwin, we can help our users better understand how to make assets more efficient and operate at higher capacities."

Brian Robins, Vice President of, Product and Industry Marketing, Bentley Systems

"With AI and IoT technologies from Microsoft, we are bringing higher accuracy to NRS so the company can use its licenses more efficiently and improve profit margins."

Gunnar H. Hide, Country Lead Food and Beverage, Norway ABB
ABB Group

"We have a philosophy of continuing to improve security and always putting the customer first. We saw this reflected in Microsoft and what they're doing with Azure."

Steve Knox, Manager of Connected Customer Experience, Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

"Both Microsoft and Footmarks demonstrated a mutual interest in testing and learning. The engagement felt more like a partnership than a sales relationship."

Jason Wood, Global Display Development Head, Mars, Inc.

"Creating a solution that combines hardware, artificial intelligence, mobile applications, and the cloud to improve the lives of patients is incredibly complex. But with Azure IoT Central, we were able to create something that will very soon be a great aid to doctors and patients alike."

Davide Vigano, Cofounder and CEO, Sensoria Health
Rancho Los Amigos

Find a solution provider

Integrate customized IoT solutions with your existing systems today.

Browse and certify IoT devices

Find an Azure certified device or hardware partner to simplify device connectivity and security. Certify here to get listed in the catalog.

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