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Enterprise IT

Think on-premises and public cloud

Azure integrates with your existing IT assets like no other cloud, and provides an open, broad, and flexible platform backed with the security and reliability you can depend on.


Enterprise IT environments today require solutions that can be delivered faster, more cost effectively and with greater flexibility at global scale. With Azure, you can use the cloud alongside your existing infrastructure and apps, leveraging common tools, technologies, and skills. From Microsoft .NET to Java, Windows Server to Linux, SQL to Hadoop or Oracle Database, your heterogeneous IT needs are addressed. Rely on Microsoft’s experience for a global-scale platform that's powered by enterprise-class procurement and support, transparent service level agreements, privacy policies, and industry-leading compliance programs.

Storage, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

Instantly achieve global scale, high availability, and durability whether for primary storage, cost-effective offsite backup, or disaster recovery. You can start small and grow as your data grows, and pay only for the storage capacity that you use. Azure Site Recovery can simplify disaster recovery by automating the replication of your virtual machines between two of your sites, or to Azure. It provides an automated solution, customizable recovery plans, remote health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery in the event of a disaster.

Azure Backup integrates with Windows Server Backup and System Center Data Protection Manager for offsite backups. You configure, monitor and recover backups as you would when using local storage. Or combine StorSimple and Azure to provide high-performance on-premises storage for frequently used data and cost-effective cloud storage for the bulk of infrequently used data. StorSimple also integrates cloud snapshots for data protection. Enjoy the economics of cloud storage without compromising storage performance.

"Our long term vision is to steadily reduce the size of our corporate data center until it is just one small room containing only one server. Everything else will be in the cloud!"

Cynthia Weaver
VP of Information Technology, Walbridge

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Develop, test, and run apps

Innovate at cloud speed by using Azure for test and development. Rapidly build new apps, do scale and performance tests, and run them in Azure or on-premises. Get up and running in minutes instead of spending weeks procuring and provisioning infrastructure. Spin up virtual machines from a marketplace of images with licenses baked in, and enjoy per-minute billing to save costs. Develop and test using the same tools like Visual Studio and PowerShell, and once you’ve finished using Azure as a test environment, you can easily move your virtual machines between Azure, on-premises or third party hosting environments.


Telenor scales Sharepoint 2013 saving time and money

Stretch your datacenter

Quickly and easily use Azure as an extension to your existing datacenter. Create a virtual private network, securely connect to your existing datacenter or individual computers, and manage it all using familiar tools like System Center and PowerShell. You can bring your private IP addresses to Azure, use your own DNS, and integrate with your existing Active Directory based identity infrastructure. Use Azure to run internal apps that require dynamic scale, collaboration apps like SharePoint, or apps you were already running in your DMZ. No matter what your needs are, Azure provides you scalable infrastructure to quickly extend your on-premises environment.

"While we can predict that Tax Season is going to be busy - each year proves to be unique in terms of which week, day or hour is going to be the peak. It's not just a desire, it's an absolute requirement to be able to scale to the need and remain highly available for our customers. Azure delivers."

Timothy Khouri
Lead Application Architect, Jackson Hewitt

Reach where existing infrastructure won’t

Use Microsoft’s global centers datacenters to give you global scale. From building web applications that need to reach customers and partners around the globe, to providing turnkey resources for mobile apps and streaming media Azure can extend the reach of your existing IT infrastructure. Easily build marketing campaigns using content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla, or cloud backends for Android, iOS, and Windows apps, or connect your IT systems with those of your partners and customers. Azure has the global scale you need to quickly and cost effectively reach more customers and partners anywhere in the world.


Breaking down barriers, reaching more customers with Azure

Build Enterprise IT with powerful solutions


You bring it, we run it

Azure provides on-demand infrastructure that scales and adapts to your changing business needs. Whether you are creating new applications or running existing applications we provide the best price-performance and end-to-end support.

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Storage, backup, and recovery

Gain peace of mind

Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for any data. It works with the infrastructure you already have to cost-effectively enhance your business continuity strategy and provide storage required by your cloud applications.

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Identity & Access Management

Enterprise cloud directory

Azure Active Directory delivers an enterprise ready cloud identity service enabling a single sign-on experience across cloud and on-premises applications. It allows multi-factor authentication for added security and compliance.

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Big Data

New Insights. Unlocked.

Reveal new insights and drive better decision making with Azure HDInsight, a Big Data solution powered by Apache Hadoop. Surface those insights from all types of data to business users through Microsoft Excel.

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