Own your identity

Discover decentralized identity—a new way to take ownership of your personal data.

Your digital identity is everything that defines you in the digital world, a collection of all your personal data generated with technology. Today that data is owned by apps and services, and can be used in ways that expose you to targeting and breaches.

Our vision

Every user needs a digital identity they own, that can securely and privately store all their personal data. This self-owned identity must be intuitive and convenient to manage, and provide complete control over how identity data is accessed and used.

For everyone

  • Enable all users to own and control their identity
  • Deliver secure experiences that incorporate privacy by design
  • Design apps and services with users at the center

For developers

  • Deliver personalized experiences while respecting user privacy
  • Participate in a new kind of marketplace, where creators and consumers exchange directly
  • Build true serverless apps that store data with users

For organizations

  • Deeply engage with users while minimizing privacy and security risks
  • Transact with customers, partners, and suppliers over a unified data protocol
  • Improve transparency and auditability of your business operations

Decentralized identity ecosystem

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