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Create a website in the programming language of your choice and host it through Azure App Service.

Build with managed app and database services for your application scenarios and data

Create modern applications across cloud, intelligent edge and devices

Make your apps smarter with turn-key cognitive services and machine learning

Innovate continuously with integrated best-in-class developer tools and built-in DevOps

Develop in your favorite languages

Explore Azure app development tutorials to learn something new

Create serverless logic with Azure Functions

Azure Functions allows developers to host business logic that can be executed without managing or provisioning infrastructure. - 36 min - Module - 6 Units

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Monitor and manage your coffee machine with Azure IoT Central

Learn how to create an Azure IoT Central application to monitor and manage an IoT device. - 1 hr 7 min - Module - 6 Units

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Store data in Azure

Azure provides a variety of ways to store data: unstructured, archival, relational, and more. Learn the basics of storage management in Azure, how to create a storage account, and how to choose the right model for the data you want to store in the cloud. - 3 hr 5 min - Learning Path - 4 Modules

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Cut to the code

Check out this neat sample project on GitHub about the automated moderation of customer reviews with Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Watch this Azure developer video

Learn more about developer tools, technologies, and resources to support your work—and check back for new videos.

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An end-to-end tour of the Microsoft developer platform

The Developer's Guide to Azure

Explore common app scenarios and solutions in this e-book.

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SmartHotel360 Reference Apps

Download the code and learn to build end-to-end multichannel apps in Azure.

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Training and certification

Get up to speed quickly with Azure application development and expand your cloud skills.

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