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Build AI-powered applications on your terms, responsibly. Discover Azure AI tools, products, and services—and learn how to start building with them.

Discover AI services for developers

Use Azure AI to add speech, vision, language, and decision capabilities to your applications, create chatbots, and uncover insights with AI-powered search.

Develop AI apps on your terms

Build AI applications in your preferred software development language, in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge—no machine learning expertise required.

Apply AI responsibly

Get tools, services, and guidelines to help you apply AI responsibly in your applications, while also preserving data privacy, transparency, and trust.

Deploy mission-critical AI solutions

Access the same AI services that power enterprise products like Teams and Xbox and that are proven to meet global scale and security requirements.

See how other developers are using Azure AI

Explore how other software developers are building innovative AI and machine learning solutions on their own terms.


See how William, a software engineer at the BBC, used Azure Cognitive Services to build "Beeb", a custom voice assistant for BBC.


See how Marcel’s DIY spirit and innovative talents earned him the role of lead developer on a project to improve satellite maintenance at Airbus.


Learn how Greg and his team at RXR created a safer workspace for their company in the midst of a pandemic.

Build your AI skills with Azure

Learn more about Azure AI solutions with videos, tutorials, and training modules. Use this 30-day learning path to grow your skills and prepare for the Azure AI Fundamentals Certification.

Explore AI through videos

Watch the Azure AI Essentials video series to get familiar with Azure AI products and services and learn how to bring these components together to build AI applications.

Intro to Azure AI

Get a walkthrough of AI concepts and see how to create innovative experiences in your applications with Azure AI.

Easily add AI to your applications

Learn how to get started using Azure to add AI to your applications.

Build a chatbot

Learn about common types of chatbots and see how to use Azure AI to build them.

Create an intelligent call center

See how to use language and speech capabilities to build intelligent call center apps with Azure Cognitive Services.

Use AI to automate document processing

Learn how to use optical character recognition and AI-powered search capabilities to build automated document processing applications.

Watch the AI Show to hear from experts, watch demos, and explore ways to add AI capabilities into your applications with Azure products, services, and tools.

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Introducing QnA Maker Managed

Learn how the new version of QnA Maker advances core capabilities like better relevance and precise answering.

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What’s New with Neural Text to Speech

Hear about latest progress on text to speech, and how you could use it to enable your apps to speak naturally.

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What’s New in Text Analytics: Opinion Mining and Async API

Learn about the recently launched Opinion Mining and Async offerings of Text Analytics.

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Computer Vision for Spatial Analysis

Hear how Azure Cognitive Service runs vision AI on images to understand people’s movement in physical spaces.

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