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Featured speakers:

Speaker Ashley McNamara

Ashley McNamara

Speaker Ryan Parks

Ryan Parks

Speaker Tyler Croy

Tyler Croy

Speaker Matt Wrock

Matt Wrock

Speaker Nic Jackson

Nic Jackson

Speaker Christoph Wurm

Christoph Wurm


About Azure OpenDev

Welcome to OpenDev, a live technical series featuring open source community leaders. This episode features DevOps, which increases business agility by delivering business value to customers faster. Learn how to combine leading projects in a DevOps toolchain with the power of Azure, benefiting legacy and cloud-native applications.

  • GitHub
  • Jenkins
  • Chef
  • HashiCorp
  • Elasticsearch

Individual sessions

Contributing to open source (it’s not just about code)

Resources.Speaker Ashley McNamara

Ashley McNamara

Principal Developer Advocate


Before becoming a Gopher, Ashley was a professional photographer. However, she found that photography wasn’t paying the bills, and so she turned to programming. She was writing Python and working as a Community Manager at Rackspace when she met a Gopher who would completely change her trajectory.

In 2014, Steve Francia (@spf13) inspired her to abandon Python and never look back. He had been teaching an introductory course to Go and urged Ashley to help teach the course, where her fresh perspective was an asset. Ever since then, she has been a valued member of the Go community and a key contributor to its growth. What follows are her lessons learned as well as tips on how you can get involved in the Go community.

Getting started with InnerSource—open source workflows in the enterprise

Resources.Speaker Ryan Parks

Ryan Parks

Solutions Engineer


World-class open source projects have taught us a great deal about the most effective ways to collaboratively develop software. InnerSource is the practice of applying these lessons "behind the firewall" across private projects in your own organization. Companies that adopt InnerSource find that it helps them break down silos, encourages internal collaboration, and helps to foster a better engineering culture.

In this session, you'll learn how to successfully introduce InnerSource best practices to your organization's legacy codebases on GitHub. This will include a hands-on demo of the GitHub Flow, a simple and effective workflow that uses Pull Requests to introduce changes for review in a project. You'll also see how GitHub integrates with other key open source tools for development, automated CI, and deployment—core components of a modern DevOps toolchain.

Continuous delivery of infra to Azure

Resources.Speaker Tyler Croy

Tyler Croy

Director of Evangelism and Jenkins project board member


The Jenkins project hosts most of its infrastructure—a combination of Terraform, Kubernetes, and Puppet—in Azure. As an open source project, it automates the delivery of their own infrastructure-as-code, all of which is, of course, open source.

In this session, Tyler will show some live examples of infrastructure continuous delivery with Jenkins and Azure.

Modernize your Java development workflow with Habitat

Resources.Speaker Matt Wrock

Matt Wrock

Software Developer


Habitat is a new application automation platform that enables you to apply modern development workflows to even your legacy Java applications, regardless of whether you use Docker, cloud environments, or bare metal. This presentation will demonstrate how Habitat can create and build an immutable package containing a Java application, and then run that package in a variety of environments.

You'll see how Habitat can help bring portability to your applications, and keep the information regarding configuration and dependencies close to your application code—not hidden away in complex configuration management scripts. You'll also see how Habitat packages can share configuration and discover services across multiple nodes. Lastly, you'll get a peek at how Habitat promises to simplify your CI/CD pipelines.

Reproducible infrastructure with Terraform and Microsoft Azure

Resources.Speaker Nic Jackson

Nic Jackson

Developer Advocate


Terraform is an open source tool for managing infrastructure as code. Created by HashiCorp, it enables users to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure elements by writing clear and declarative configuration. Nic's talk will dive into Terraform and how it can be used with Microsoft Azure.

We will walk through a simple configuration explaining how Terraform's graph-based approach to managing dependencies is a perfect fit for managing Azure resources. Not only can Terraform provision virtual machines with all the associated networking and firewall rules, but it can also configure microservice applications with Container Service, DNS, and much more.

By the end of the session, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Terraform and how it can aid in the lifecycle management of infrastructure resources on Azure.

In addition, Nic will be joined by Vicki Cheung, Head of Infrastructure at OpenAI, as she’ll demonstrate OpenAI’s use of Terraform on Azure to build infrastructure for deep learning.

Logging, security, and analytics on Azure with the Elastic Stack

Resources.Speaker Christoph Wurm

Christoph Wurm

Principal Solutions Architect


Every server instance, application, and process continuously create streams of events about their operation and status. Gathering this information is at the heart of the Elastic Stack. Comprised of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats, Elastic Stack is supplemented by X-Pack for security, alerting, and more. It's the most commonly deployed open-source stack for centralized log management, metrics monitoring, and analytics.

Many Elastic Stack users and customers are happily running on Azure. An official Elastic Stack solution template in the marketplace helps get you started and provides separate resources for ongoing support.

In this session, you'll learn about the components of the Elastic Stack and how they come together in one pipeline. You'll see the typical use cases, architectures, data sources, and end users. Lastly, you'll see how Elastic Stack is deployed on Azure. Anshul Kumar, Director of Big Data at McKesson, will demonstrate how to deploy Elasticstack in an enterprise private network on Azure as well as provide speeding data insights using Kibana.

OSS DevOps in action

Take a sneak peek at the capabilities that Azure provides when combined with popular OSS DevOps tools.

HashiCorp with Azure

In this video, Armon Dadgar, the co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp, joins John Gossman, Architect on Azure Core team at Microsoft, to talk about the current state of the DevOps space and the HashiCorp tooling for provisioning infrastructure into the cloud. They also touch on the trends they currently see in the industry and finish up with some pointers for getting started on your journey towards the next generation of infrastructure deployment.

Host Jenkins on Azure

Arun Chandrasekhar, Program Manager for Azure DevOps OSS, returns to Azure Friday to talk with Donovan Brown about how to use Azure for continuous integration with Jenkins. Arun talks about the new Azure Virtual Machine Agents plugin his team has contributed. It takes advantage of the Azure cloud platform to deploy and scale Jenkins build agents on demand.

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