Azure migration center

Simplify your cloud migration with proven tools, guidance, and partners

Move to Azure on your terms

Whether you are transferring data, migrating infrastructure, or modernizing apps, Azure offers you the agility, security, reliability, global scale, and cost efficiencies you need, helping you:

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Gain from economies of scale and use flexible compute options in Azure to right-size and drive up resource utilization. Estimate your TCO savings and save even more with offers like Azure Reserved VM Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Take advantage of a secure, reliable, and global infrastructure

Achieve global scale across 50 announced regions—more than any cloud provider. Take advantage of industry-leading availability, disaster recovery, and SLA options for your infrastructure.

Adopt the cloud with low friction

Accelerate your Azure migration with step-by-step guidance and technical resources that’s customized to your workloads. Choose from a large selection of Microsoft and partner tools and solutions to help meet your specific needs—regardless of where you are in your cloud migration.

Start your migration in three easy steps


Identify and inventory your on-premises resources to plan where your Azure migration should start.


Migrate smarter and faster with flexible powerful tools—while ensuring minimal business impact.


Fine-tune your resources to strengthen security, improve performance, and maximize your ROI.

Azure migration workflows

Make your migration faster and easier with workflows that lead you through the migration process for your workloads and databases.

Start your virtual machine migration

Get guidance and steps to help migrate your on-premises virtual machines to Azure.

Start your database migration

Simplify migration of your databases to the cloud.

Accelerate your migration with experienced partners

Migration technology partners

Start with ready-to-use technology solutions for your migration scenarios.

System integrators

Get consulting expertise to drive your Azure migration initiatives.

Managed service providers

Gain deep expertise in enabling, integrating, and operating your cloud workloads.

Customers migrating to Azure