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Azure for retail

Using advanced analytics to accelerate growth and scale

Modern technology has the power to fast-track the brand experience—enabling profitable growth, customer acquisition and scale. Explore examples in retail and consumer goods showing how analytics and AI are helping brands acquire customers and improve organizational agility.

Turning data into action—and results

The gap between data and action presents a significant challenge, especially for companies using legacy systems. With the growth of cloud computing and the abundance of available data, AI provides a more responsive approach to solving business challenges by turning static data into actionable insights. Learn how Azure is helping retail and consumer goods companies deliver improved service and experience.

Solution showcase: Optimizing inventory with SKU analysis

Neal Analytics Inventory Optimization identifies top-performing SKUs by market segment, replaces under-performing SKUs, and manages and improves SKU mixes at a more detailed level than with ad-hoc analysis. Using this solution, retail companies can place the right products on shelves to increase profitability.