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Current state, disruptors and technology trends in financial services with Howard Bush


Howard Bush explains the current industry climate and technology disruptions occurring in financial services. With so many technology options and services available to financial service companies, Howard explains the slow adoption of older organizations and the success of new FinTechs disrupting old ways of doing business.

Howard covers blockchain, AI adoption, fraud detection and prevention and covers why many financial institutions are starting their journey to "intelligent banking" with Microsoft using a hybrid approach to Azure.

Show Notes

  • Read Howard's recent blog Lessons from big box retail about how banks can leverage modern retail experiences to provide their customers with new choices, speed, and tailored recommendations
  • Explore common banking use cases that can be addressed with Azure.

Featured guests

Howard Bush

Howard Bush is a Principle Industry Lead for Azure for Banking and Capital Markets at Microsoft. He advocates for Microsoft Azure within the banking and capital markets industry. Howard works with customers to help them understand how cloud computing addresses the unique and changing needs of the industry.

Howard describes himself as “a banker wrapped in IT clothing.” 

Read Howard's recent blog posts on how to address common banking use cases using Azure.

Follow Howard on LinkedIn or Twitter as @HowardBush2.

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