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Azure for banking and capital markets

Drive innovative cloud solutions in banking and capital markets with Azure. Deliver differentiated customer experiences, drive real-time payments, manage risk across the enterprise, and optimize financial crime prevention.

Speed decisions with rapid risk analysis and deep insight

Take advantage of unlimited, elastic cloud resources to drive stronger risk management and respond to regulatory compliance demands. Perform faster, more granular risk analysis, modeling, and simulation. Improve risk insight, manage risk bursting according to market events, reduce infrastructure costs, and respond more quickly to regulatory pressures.

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"I can now manage 750 machines in Azure on weekdays and a thousand on weekends. Plus an extra 300 production machines on-prem. And that's all done by one person."

-Dr. Robert K. Griffiths, Head of High Performance Computing

Kuwait Finance House
"If I could give advice to someone interested in digital transformation, my advice is partner with Microsoft. It is not about the technology. It cannot be. It is about the quality and depth of the partner you work with to implement your digital vision."

-Mazin AlNahedh, Group CEO

Simplify data management and reduce costs

Transform data management and access new opportunities with Azure. Expand your data storage and lifecycle options while reducing costs compared to on-premises systems. Employ advanced and integrated data services for learning, forecasting, and compliance.

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Ensure security and compliance

Take advantage of the latest in security innovation and simplify your approach to regulatory compliance. Azure offers the broadest compliance coverage of any cloud provider, with a dedicated program for financial services compliance. Get support for the right to audit, transparency in operations, automated audits, and self-reporting. Unify security management and optimize financial crime prevention across your environment.

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Jumpstart your banking and capital markets solution

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