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Azure Code Samples

Learn to interact with Azure services through code

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MyDriving - An Azure IOT and Mobile Sample Application

Building IoT or Mobile solutions are fun and exciting. This year for Build, we wanted to show the amazing scenarios that can come together when these two are combined. So, we went and developed a sample application. MyDriving uses a wide range of Azure services to process and analyze car telemetry data for both real-time insights and long-term patterns and trends. The following features are supported in the current version of the mobile app.

Azure-Samples by Azure Samples,
Last updated: 10/17/2016

Integrating an android app with Azure AD (Android API Level 18+)

An android app that uses Azure AD and the ADAL library for authenticating the user and calling a web API using OAuth 2.0 access tokens.

Azure-Samples by Azure Samples,
Last updated: 1/21/2016