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Cloud Services


Guidance: What are Azure Cloud Services?

Azure provides three compute models for running applications: Azure Websites, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Cloud Services. This topic provides an overview of the three models and information to help you decide which is right for your application.


Feature guide: Create a PHP Web or Worker Role

Learn how to create a PHP cloud service in Azure using Azure PowerShell cmdlets. Cloud Services, which include web and worker roles, provide Platform as a Service (PaaS). Within a cloud service, a web role provides a dedicated Internet Information Services (IIS) web server to host front-end web applications, while a worker role can run asynchronous, long-running or perpetual tasks independent of user interaction or input.


Feature guide: Configure a cloud service

You can configure the most commonly used settings for a cloud service in the Azure Management Portal. Or, if you like to update your configuration files directly, download a service configuration file to update, and then upload the updated file and update the cloud service with the configuration changes. Either way, the configuration updates are pushed out to all role instances.

How to: Configure SSL for an Application in Azure

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is the most commonly used method of securing data sent across the internet. This common task discusses how to specify an HTTPS endpoint for a web role and how to upload an SSL certificate to secure your application.

How to: Enable Remote Desktop in Azure

Remote Desktop enables you to access the desktop of a role instance running in Azure. You can use a remote desktop connection to configure the virtual machine or troubleshoot problems with your application.


Feature guide: Scale a cloud service

You can scale your cloud service by adding or removing role instances. If you link a SQL Database to your cloud service, you can scale the database also.

Feature guide: Manage a cloud service

This guide covers how to update a cloud service deployment, how to swap deployments to promote a deployment in staging to a deployment in production, how to link a resource to a cloud service, and how to delete a cloud service.

Feature guide: Service Management

The Service Management API is a REST API that provides programmatic access to much of the service management functionality available through the Azure management portal. All API operations are performed over SSL and mutually authenticated using X.509 v3 certificates. The management service may be accessed from within a service running in Azure, or directly over the Internet from any application that can send an HTTPS request and receive an HTTPS response.