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Azure makes it easy to build, deploy and scale Node.js apps using the tools you know and love

Get started with Node.js on Azure

Free Trial: Create a Node.js Web App using one of the popular templates

Launch a ready to run Virtual Machine containing one of the most used Node.js stacks

Try a sample from Github: Using Azure Blob Storage from a Node.JS app

Detect, triage, and diagnose issues with Application Insights

Build a Node.js web application using DocumentDB, the fully-managed/geo-replicable NoSQL database service from Microsoft

Author Dockerfile/docker-compose files with Visual Studio Code

Migrate Docker-based workloads to Azure, using familiar open source tools

Node.js Azure Web and Mobile Apps tutorials

Try the following step by step tutorials to get you familiar with developing, debugging and deploying Node.js-based Azure Web or Mobile Apps

Get started with Node.js web apps in Azure App Service

Develop Mobile Backends with Node.js and Azure App Service

Debug a Node.js web app in Azure App Service

Deploy a Sails.js web app to Azure App Service

Create a Node.js chat application with Socket.IO in Azure App Service


Azure subscription | Azure CLI (download, connect to subscription)

Azure SDK for Node.js

Use and manage your Azure resources with Node.js

Get the SDK from npm:
npm install azure
Get the source from GitHub:
git clone
cd azure-sdk-for-node
npm install

Develop and deploy Node.js apps on Azure

Visual Studio Code

Lightweight, cross-platform OSS editor, featuring full-stack Javascript debugging, code-completions, and more:

Azure Developer CLI

Manage your Azure account using the developer-friendly, cross-platform CLI

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

Windows: free, open-source extension that turns Visual Studio into a powerful Node.js IDE:


Featured Node.js stacks on Azure


One-click install for the latest version of Node.js, running on an Ubuntu VM


Complete development environment for MongoDB and Node.js, by Bitnami

Complete development environment for MongoDB and Node.js, by


100% compatible Node.js runtime for enterprise-grade applications


Storage - Blob
Storage - Table
Storage - Queue
Notification Hubs
Service Bus Queues
Service Bus Topics


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