Node.js on Azure

Azure makes it easy and convenient to deploy, scale and monitor Node.js apps using the tools you know and love

Develop and manage Node.js apps on Azure

Visual Studio Code

A fast, free and open source editor for macOS, Linux, and Windows, with full-stack JavaScript debugging, IntelliSense and code navigation features for Node.js, AngularJS, React, and other frameworks.

Azure Developer CLI

Manage your Azure account using the developer-friendly, cross-platform CLI

Application Insights

Monitor your apps via an Application Performance Management service with first-class Node.js support.

Create virtual machines based on popular stacks


One-click install for the latest version of Node.js, running on an Ubuntu VM


Complete development environment that includes both MongoDB and Node.js


100% compatible Node.js runtime, enhanced for enterprise-grade applications

Customers using Node.js on Azure

Deploy a MEAN app to Azure

Azure SDK for Node.js

Use and manage your Azure resources with Node.js

Get the SDK from npm:

npm install --save azure